Steins and Fraulines

The smoke clears after another glorious raid into foreign climes under the guise of a stag do. This time the venue was Munich, the occasion was Oktoberfest and the lucky soon-to-be ex batchelour was big brian.

stag group 

We rolled up on the Friday Afternoon to find out that even the organisational guru, Robbie, is not infallible. The twin rooms were actually double, leaaving us with some cozy sleeping arrangements, although it was noted that in the division of 7 guys into 4 double beds, Robbie was the lucky chap with the bed to his’el!

12:30 on the Saturday marks the tapping of the first keg in Munich, and like the rest of the Oktoberfset virgins we followed the big pressesion along the street, while all the time the Germans were filling up all the tables - so by the time we had finished listening to the oompa bands and dodging horseshit and finally made it to the beer tents, there was no room to be had. Seven thick Jocks had to leave Oktoberfest to find a bar outside where we could get a beer…

 beer2 beer1

It never dampened the spirits and the rest of the weekend disappeared in a cloud of wheaty beer and meaty snacks. All in all another fantastic send off for the big chap. Regretfully myself and Sarah are missing Brian and Moira’s big day, however we wish him aw ‘ra best for day and will require some pictures from the occasion (Brian - and i will promise not to post the “Bulldog” picture of ye! - althought the black leotard is fair game…)


This ends the brief summary - as i would dare cross the line of “what goes on the stag do, stays on the stag do…”

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