The first few days - Moscow

  Me, the missus and red square Ivans Loftspace

So after an amazing start to our journey we are here and safe! Day one started fantastically with an upgrade to business class on our flight to Moscow (thanks to Gordon Parris). All the wine & champers we could drink! ! Also shared flight with Juliette Lewis (from Dusk till Dawn) however she was travelling economy class and looked pretty rough!!

So arrived in Moscow at around 8 at night and like two eager travellers decided to fend our own way to the hostel rather than choosing the easy option and jumping in a taxi. So managed to get on the train, which was adorned in paisley patterned seats and hoped it was going where we wanted. The next adventure was with the Moscow Metro (about as big an Londons) which seemed easy apart from the fact that are directions were in English and all signs were in some crazy hirogliphics any way, being the talented individuals that we are we managed.  

Hostel is no palace but is clean and tidy and apart from the devil cat which is setting off some allergy in Al. Our room is small and basic and the bathrooms are similar. Hostel is tiny and there are 18 people sharing two toilets (not so good with an upset stomach!!!). However it does have free internet and we have met a couple of people who will be on the train with us.

Oor Moscow Palace...

Moscow is lovely not quite how I imagined though. It is very cosmopolitan and has an air of elegance and grandeur amonsgt its somewhat formal backdrop. Weather has been fab and has let us explore in sunshine…Beer is everywhere and every other person has a can of beer in the hands. So needless to say Al and I are fitting in nicely!!! Anyway to see all our photos click on an image which will link you to our flicker account. Love to everyone speak soon x

 Duck and Ducklings McDonalds Queue

10 Responses to “The first few days - Moscow”

Dooch said:

Glad to see that you have managed to make your first post from an official third world country. Congratulations.

It’s safe to say that I wasn’t surprised to see a photo of a McDs in your first photo set. I suppose people flock to the familiar.

Nice weather though.

Posted on September 25th, 2006.

Dez, Auds and Kristin said:

Well well well, seems like old habits die hard - different city but same hobbies - drinking and smokin!

Missing you both and it was a real shame we didn’t catch up after the wedding, but we did have a little matter of a birth to contend with. We are both learning to live within the world of sleep deprivation thanks to beautiful Kristin and you can pick up on our own new journey and Kristins progress in the big mad world of the Ross’s by logging onto our very own fliker account -

Enjoy each other and take care not to enjoy yourself to much - Lucky Bxxxxrds!

Posted on September 25th, 2006.

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