So next entry and here we are in Shanghai, slightly different to Beijing…. I take it by this point that everyone knows that if you click on any of our photos it takes you to the link to our “flickr” account and you can see all our photos and comment, as so many of you have already!!!!!

I commence the tale with our last day in Beijing, where as having to be up so early to check out (12:00) we manged to get a few things done. Firstly we got up, had our first and last Beijing McDonalds and decided to go to the local Ancient Observatory. A very strange place an old decrepid building cramped full with wierd and wonderful astrological wizardry dating back from …along time ago!!! A good way to while away an hour and work off the Big Mac climbing to the top of the building.

Chinese Astronomy5 Chinese Astronomy3

Then decided to make a trip to the Visa office to find out about visa requirements for Hong Kong, needless to say we do need one, but queue was huge and Al to impatient to wait, so decided we would do in Hong Kong. Whilst there happened to be next to the Lama temple so decided to pay it a visit. An amazing place full of old temples and shrines to Budda. One of the stautes features in the Guiness book of records as it was 26 metres high, made from one piece of Sandalwood, stunning but to “Holly” to be photographed. Lots of monks walking around and people burning incence so really quite authentic.

Entrance to Gift shop  Lama's hamburger stall...

I found lots more dragons to have my photos taken with…. I call this one “Crouching Sarah, Hidden Tortoise!!”

All the small things 

So anyway from there boarded the train to Shanghai. Being the cheap bastards that we are now decided to pay 25 quid less and get the “hard sleeper” and the only beds left were top bunk. Well, Oh my God what an experience. There were 6 bunks in the room (the other four being occupied by Chinese business men) and ours were no joke about seven foot in the air. To climb up you had to scale the wall which had a few randomly placed foot holders and then collpase onto the bed, as there was only around 2 foot head room. So sitting up even, for my elf like frame, was impossible.

Top bunks Beijing - Shanghai hard class

So it was lights out at about 10 then the carriage went deatlhy silent and everyone went to sleep. So the next few hours were spent with Al and I communicating  via his PDA and charades. Worst nights sleep ever made worse by needing a pee in the middle of the night and having to attempt to climb down without climbing on one of the Chinese dudes’ heads!!! Never mind was grand, cheap and got us here..

So found the hostel relatively easily, Shanghai has a very comprehensive Metro system, and climbed straight into the clean shower, followed by our clean King size bed!!

Shanhai Hostel room 

In the afternoon took the metro back to the centre and wandered around this metropolis of buildings and high rises… Quite different to Beijing as fairly Westernised in comparison. The sky line is quite stunning from the “Bund”, opposite the Oriental Pearl TV tower, could almost be in NY.

DSC01310 Sarah in Nanjing Road

Downtown Shanghai 

Saw some strange vessels coming down the river…

Runnaway boat2 DSC01312

Then decided to go through the Sightseeing tunnel, which had been described to us as aglass tunnel under the river , through which you could see wildlife etc… So paid our 30 Yuan each and off we went. Got into a strange capsule thing and commenced our ride..

The crap tunnel cars 

Tunnel was in fact some laser, Disney style ride with odd clowns and things jumping uot at you and Tetrus music playing in the back ground. Saw no sea life or even a hint of water, but only in China!!!!!

The crap tunnel1 The crap tunnel3

That evening found a trully Chinese restaurant where no-one spoke any English so was back to the chicken and pig noises and pot luck. Food was fab and came in at the bargain price of 70 yuan (around 6 quid).

Next day, awoke and had a good look around in search of a “Lonely Planet guide to China”. Had been recommended that we search in one particular area as it was full of International things!! Arrived there and it was the equivalent of 5th Avenue or Kensington with Louis Vuitton, Prada and Armani galore……Needless to say could not find a book, or a new skirt to replace the one that i had just realised i had left drying in Beijing… However did find an English style Cafe and had a fab cheese & ham toastie and Al chowed down on a cheesey burgular….(could almost be at home)… After our lunch had a big walk to theriver side where we caught a sight seeing trip up and down the Hangpau river.

 DSC01319 DSC01313

Was great to see form both sides and timed it perfectly so watched the sunset over Shanghai. Quite stunning.

DSC01328 DSC01327

DSC01332 DSC01340


Made our way back to the hostel and decided to try one of the local restaurants. Walked passed several with live creatures outside, which was a little much even for Als iron stomach.  Found a lovely restaurant with one table outside (plastic garden style)  wedged betweeen a load of bikes, beneath the metro and next to the main road. In a strange way was very pleasant and certainly different!!! Again after several pig and chicken noises food came which was delicious and that with two beers each set us back a fiver (lovely)…

So today is our last day in Shanghai and couldn’t possibly leave without a trip on the “Maglev”, Shanghai’s speedy train to the airport and back. Quite a piece of engineering it run on magnets and glides above the track. Managed a top speed of 431 Km/hour and didn’t really feel like you were going that fast until another train went by which felt like a small earthquake!!!

DSC01348 DSC01350

DSC01356 DSC01358


So after catching up with the log we are going off to try another Chinese meal and see if we can mange less than a fiver tonight, but we’ll maybe push the boat out and spend six as today is our two month anniversary (thanks to everyone who remembered!!!!).

Off to Hong Kong tomorrow on a 24 hour Hard class train experience, (this time middle bunks), to meet up with Andy Miller, who’s there on business (apparently!!!).


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Iain said:

Miller is checking if the Burd he picked out the catalogue is the one he’s getting!! Happy anniversary.

Posted on October 12th, 2006.

seamus and ania said:

hey you guy’s
this is a great website, good to read about our travels in beijing (yes everyone we are the couple who had the expensive tea experience but in our defence the couple seemed extremely innocent and genuine and even told us they were buddists!! bastards). anyhow, having a great time in south korea, a good bit more expensive than china but we are getting well looked after by our friend. good luck in hong kong (so you do need a visa to get back into china after that?).
take care,
seamus and ania

Posted on October 13th, 2006.

Ardon said:

Ahh… the two month wedding anniversary, I remember it well… still making playful animal noises to get what you want and swallowing whatever gets put in front of you…

Happy 0.2 Anniversary

Posted on October 13th, 2006.

Dooch said:

Not to be pedantic young Mr Ardon but it’s actually their 0.1666 anniversary (12 months).

Right, I’m away to look out my financial advice folder to check the sums ….

Posted on October 14th, 2006.

Iain said:

Well said Dooch!
What school did Ardon go to?

Posted on October 14th, 2006.

Tom said:

Excelent to here about your travels guys. Hope your having lots of fun! I also got trapped on the train ride from hell from Beijing to Shanghai. I’m still in Shanghai and loving it. I’ll probally be staying here for a several more days maybe longer.. But it would be great to meet in Hong Kong when I get down there If your still there!
Happy Anniversary!

Posted on October 14th, 2006.

Ardon said:

Yes.. I realised too late, just after I clicked the submit button that some smart a**e would pick up on that one.. Dooch and Iain both being single dont realise that once marriage takes place, there are only ten months in the year. Two of the months are lost to a trance like state called: B&Q weekends..

Posted on October 14th, 2006.

Maggie said:

Hi Mr&Mrs
Love reading about all adventures!! great pics, way to go guys yous look fab, its like reading a book, not that I read many, cant wait for next chapter. of on a date to night a wee bit nervie. happy 2months by the way!!
LoL to yous both.


Posted on October 14th, 2006.

Sarah said:

Hi everyone fab to read everyones comments I’ll try and reply….
Iain, Dooch & Ardon are you sure you are all not still at school - oh how we miss the banter excellent that you are managing to continue to bitch to each other through the miracle of the web!
Seamus & Ania excellent to hear from you keep us informed as to your itenary would love to catch up we are off to wulan on wed then chengdu. Keep in touch x
Tom we are here till wed let us know when you are coming to HK keep in touch
Maggie - hope date went well lovely to hear from you take care and please comment again soon x
Promise to update web soon xxx

Posted on October 16th, 2006.

Iain said:

Have you noticed how quickly we have all been replaced…. (sniff!)

The friends Sarah and Al left at home only merit one ‘effing line of script, whereas their new travelling, (smelly), buddies get fawned all over!!

I was your bestman not so long ago…

Posted on October 16th, 2006.

Al said:

Aye Kenz, thats right…

Posted on October 17th, 2006.

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