We’re Back!!!!

Well we’re back in Kathmandu after our trek, dog tired and definetly a little bit thinner from what was probably the hardest two weeks of our lives and certainly one of the most rewarding.

After 14 days in sub zero temperatures along with mild symptoms of AMS due to the altitude we managed to reach Everest Base Camp, then on to climb Kala Pattar (5550m) to see some of the most awe inspiring scenery either of us has ever witnessed. The trek could not have been any better mostly due to our superb Guides, CP and Narindra, and our porter Chhatra.

Since we are now back in civilisation and franticly trying to put back on the lost inches (shouldn’t be too hard, eh?) we thought we would put a brief holding post to show you that we did make it and were not sitting on a beach drinking cocktails for two weeks…

The internet connection speed in Nepal makes dial-up connection speed seem like a ferrari on steroids - so we will be uploading all our photos in about a weeks time in India (taken far too many!). Since there was a lack of mains power and a severe lack of heat on the trek, use of my PDA for diary writing went out the window. Instead we resorted to good ol’e fashioned pen and paper so we are working (slowly obviously!) to organise our thoughts etc from this amazing trip, therefore the proper post will be completed when all the photos are downloaded. Till then here are a few choice snaps of the trek:

Base Camp



On top of Kallapatar


Enjoy these for now and will write full post asap…..Take care and keep writing comments…

31 Responses to “We’re Back!!!!”

Iain said:

WOW! The scenery looks amazing… and not one joke about the Man Mountain obscuring the actual mountain!!!
Happy to see you are both still alive and not frozen solid halfway from the top of the planet.
Luv Ya’s xx

Posted on November 27th, 2006.

Al said:

Christ Kenz - we only posted this ten minutes ago - you couldn’t possibly be sittin on the edge of yer seat waiting for the next episode, eh? Send us an email and let us know whats been hapeening!

Posted on November 27th, 2006.

The Bullocks said:

Well done you guys on reaching base camp. All that training paid off in the end eh !! It looks amazing and you both look well …considering. Pleased to see that you packed your hat this time Blakes !! This is the first opportunity I’ve had to catch up on all your news (I’ve been up to my eyes in nappies !) but I’ve loved hearing your stories- especially the cupping incident. I will try and log on more frequently. Katy is 7 weeks now and she is lush. Together with Sam she is keeping us out of mischief ! Will send a photo soon. Well our spotty friends continue to have a ball ! Loads of love Linds and Markxx Big cuddles Sam and Katy xx

Posted on November 27th, 2006.

Hoy Kenz ya cheeky bass. I’m the man mountain of the family. Well done Al & Sarah on climbing to Everest base camp and then the top of Kallapatar. Just to keep you update the Aussies beat England in the first Ashes test (I know you were dying to know Al), only joking!! Look after yourselves and can hardly wait for the full download.

Posted on November 28th, 2006.

Ally said:

It all looks brilliant can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures and here all about it well done.

And here was me thinking the story of the Yeti “abominable snowman!” was still a mystery, sorry Al only kidding, am just jealous.

Posted on November 29th, 2006.

Hairy said:

Hey you two, Well done!!! Looks amazing, bet it was slightly different to the 2.0 incline on the scotstoun treadmills egh Mrs Reid? So glad yous are back safe and well. Will write email soon with all my chat - no more bones broken this month so far so good!!
Love Lyndz x

Posted on November 30th, 2006.

Max & Ally said:

Well done you two - a fantastic accomplishment.
Does this mean you can run to the burger van at twice the speed now Al?
Sarah - well done to, I know you would be the one dragging Al’s big ass up that mountain :)
We’re looking forward to the big download, the pics and stories have been fantastic and we’re looking forward to hearing and seeing more of you both ;)
Speak soon…..

Posted on December 1st, 2006.

Ace & Bob said:

Great pickies, not many bones to chew though, but would love to have a run around in all that snow and slide down that big hill.

Lots of licks and kisses

Posted on December 3rd, 2006.

Zoe said:

Hello you two! Sorry it’s taken me so long to visit your site - looks like you are having the most incredible time ever!!! So jealous. Look forward to reading more about your amazing adventures! Loads of

Posted on December 3rd, 2006.

John @ Lousey said:

Hello, You Two

I hate my life, my job, and you two are making it worse you lucky Funkers. Love your pics you look all windswept and interesting and the scenery looks awesome!. Cant beleive you never hooked up with me and louise at the top of mount Everest after us travelling all that way. Cant imagine that sleeping rough en route to Everest is any worse than my living room.

Anyway, soory about not keeping in touch before now, I was eating and doing my hair.

Hope you two have are having a fantastic time! keep the pics and postings coming. Have you tried a YAK burger yet ? could you save me a bit and also pick up some Chilled Monkey Brain in India for me.

Have a great time( I’ll be BACK!!!!)

Loads of Manly Hugs and Kisses

Normal John and Normal Louise
From Boringville

Posted on December 5th, 2006.

Al said:

As per usual its great to hear yer chat and i’m glad the problem with the necklace seems to be cleared up now and that we are back on a more even keel with the weight jokes. We are trying our best (almost as this is being typed) to provide more cannon fodder for you.

Kenz - No man mountain thats for sure - just Sarah holding my staff…

The family bullock - Great to hear that a superb case of domestic bliss. Sarah did forget to bring her hat, fortunately one of the tea houses had a spare cozy! Big kisses for Sam and Katy and send those pixs soon till then take care

Big bro and big sis - Yes i heard about the cricket, unfortunate, eh? Seems to be going down well here in India though!

Ally - I hadn’t shaved in a few days and my feet were swelling a little - i guess this is where you were going with this, eh? Thinking about it a bit more though, probably not - cheeky bas%$rd!! Let us know what you’ve been up to

THE DESTRUCTOR - I guess you mean that she never got to stare at some fit guys arse the whole way up? ( iwas obviously behind her most of the way!). Glad to hear of no more broken bones, how about sprains and fractures though?!

The Pending Armstrong Family - No not twice the speed, but four times the distance! I’ll have you know i was the quintesential mountain goat, my chubby friend…Anyway how is the lovley Alison getting on now? Let us know whats been happening (and an update on whats going to happen)

Ace ‘n Bob - Chaps this is no place for a pair of pups like you. The mountain dogs there eat the small ones for food, although there plenty of yaks to bite the tails of…

Cuz - Nice of you to remember us, although i knew it would only be a matter of time till we heard from you (i realise its hard to fit us in round all the tv appearance’s and film offers!) Great to hear from you though - let us know what you’ve been up to (or who, he he!)

The Murrays - Unfortunately Everest was warmer than your lounge (till you turned on that patio heater!). Its also possible you confused Everest for Iceland, possibly next to the frozen dessert section - We tried a Yak stew, that was cooked on dry Yak dung (tasted as it sounds!) however I have dispatched a package of tasty scorpions and eyeball soup for your perusal direct from Pangcock Palace. Just remember to cover your heart…
By the way which hair were you doing? Be back soon, take care guys

Thats about it for now. Everyone take care and of coarse love to you all!
Me and her,

Posted on December 5th, 2006.

not tellin said:

MCkenzie sounds like a gay even on email.

Posted on December 7th, 2006.

not tellin said:

eskimo women use their breast heat to stave off frostbite of their menfolk’s digits.

Posted on December 7th, 2006.

Iain said:

“not tellin” ,eh?
Fuckin shite bag!
Put yer name down next time…
And learn how to spell…

Posted on December 7th, 2006.

Lyndsay Stuart said:

Hi guys,

So sorry long time no speak , but can t access your website from work. Hopefully going live at home sometime soon. Your website is amazing and i can t believe how much you ve done already! All same old same old as this end and you won t get any real goss out of me until it is in a secure e mail to Mrs Reid! Anyone so glad you re both keeping well. Started my new out patient job this week so bit of a shock to the system!Almost time for the X Factor final so you can imagine how excited I am! Lots of love Lyndsay of the non hairy variety! x x x

Posted on December 7th, 2006.


That good you’ve made it back to civilisation, looking forward to seeing the pictures, but if you’ve taken too many you don’t need to post them all, I mean when you’ve seen one snow-capped mountain and all that…. Only joking, of course.

Thai postcard just arrived recently so cheers for that, although not sure if it was meant for us since addressed to Chewy & Gretel, we’ve kept a hold of it anyway. Def preferred those names to the last ones - King Giblet & Wench, regal certainly but not as pretty.

Take Care, Love PnP xxx

Hey Kenz don’t worry about the “not telling” - the webmaster may be willing and able to name and shame, teehee.

Posted on December 8th, 2006.

Al said:

hmmm, anonomous posts, eh?
I did try to find out but they left their email address as (probably false - dont you think?) and the IP address does not match anyone who has posted so far. Also the IP address has nothing their now (so probably not from someone sending from fixed IP at work). Thats as about as much as i can tell - nae more sleuthing fae India over this one methinks…

Lyds - No gossip, yet you tell us that its the X factor final, you’ve got a new job and your not sporting excessive body hair. No need for that encrypted email now - we know it all! Dont be a stranger again young lady…

PnP - No idea who has been sending you the postcards, could be the same dude/chic who thinks Kenz is gay. We only use the Queens English in any correspondance to you! Thailand getting closer, already begining to research Thai boxing and AK-47 places for the big chap!

Posted on December 9th, 2006.

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