Tiz the season to be jolly

Well the festive season is here, and although this has been the least Christmassy we have ever felt (only heard the “Fairytale of New York” for the first time this year last night!) we figured it was high time we wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We are currently in the Tamil battleground of Sri Lanka (In Galle Fort complete with navel battle taking place a couple of weeks ago…) completely drained after out whistlestop tour of India (post arriving soon), and Peter and Jackie have come out to visit us to save us with five star luxury from cheap Indian hostel accommodation and a reheated curried turkey dinner during the holiday season.

Merry Xmas1 

We been havin’ the time of our lives since we’ve been away but at this time of the year we are really starting to miss all family and friends back home, especially when the emails start arriving graphically detailing the carnage of Christmas Nights out! Thanks for all your Christmas messages which have kept us going and staved off the Christmas blues. Looking back over 2006 has been an incredible year for us, however since we have been away we are gutted to have missed some major events that warrant a special mention at this time of the year:

Brian and Moiras Wedding – Congratulations to the Happy couple, although it was great to squeeze in another monumental stag do (cheers Brido!) – Kev still hasn’t sent any photies of wedding!

Stevie and Karens Wedding – Again a hearty Congratulations to the Happy couple. Gutted at missing your stag Stevie, and from what I believe everyone is now a crack shot with an AK-47 and is ready the next Olympic Bobsleigh team! – Not to mention the Wedding!!!

Audrey and Dez – Baby Kristin, No1 for the new Ross Clan, and the photos of her look amazing – Got her mothers great looks and from Dez she got…

Wendy and Mark – Baby Sophie, also No1 for the Cummine Clan, rumours are she is also very cute – but as yet we have not had any photographic proof yet.

Lyndsey and Mark – Baby Katie No2 for the Bullocks, very cute, already talking, a member of the Toon Army and able to do 20 keepie-uppies (or is that Sam?!)

Claire and Campbell – Still unknown…that includes the sex (although we reckon a boy with a full beard already!)– Sarah hasn’t any contact details – can anyone help?

Alyson and Max – Well their having one too (due next year). Although I guess their big event this year was private!

Sharpy’s historic apron string cutting / flat purchasing act – What more can be said? Hopefully we will get back to find all our furniture still round at my mums…

Not to mention all the nights out and other goings on that you have done a great job keeping us informed about. Anyway this is getting me all misty eyed about life back in ol’e Blighty so I guess that’s about enough of that. We have the main guts of our journey to complete in 2007 and we are extremely excited at getting into it, but there’s a small part that is looking forward to getting back and seeing everyone again. Until we do everyone take care and have a fantastic Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Love to All

Me and Her


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Dooch said:

Merry Christmas to you two reprobates. All the best for the travels in 2007.

Although I’m happy to see that the bhudda necklace has been ditched I’m a little dismayed to see that it has been replaced by something even more
gay. Al thats your cue to say that some street peddler told you that it’ll increase your luck / virility / make yer boabie grow. I did notice that when I gave you access to those MP3s it was the new Erasure album you went for first. I really hope that you don’t start wearing skin tight denim hot pants . . . .

Posted on December 26th, 2006.

Merry Christmas!

Hey, it was good from you two even if it was a dodgy line! Ah, tiz the season and all that indeed. Had lots of nights out and some nights in, few of the boys are around this evening. Currently planning festivities for the New Year. Have a good one when it comes and catch up soon.

Love from us pair. XXX

Posted on December 29th, 2006.

Merry Christmas!

It was good to hear your voices on Christmas Day, but wasn’t quite the same as having you sitting at the table, burping, farting etc. I’m glad that Peter and Jackie are there to help you celebrate Christmas and I hope you all have a great time. I will send you an e-mail updating on all the xmas events, night outs, hangovers etc.

Love Camy & Val XX

Posted on December 29th, 2006.

The Nixons said:

Hi Y’All

Happy New Year to you all come Monday and hope you all have a wonderful time in Sri Lanka - we send you lots of love from Denside and we have your Mum with us for her annual jamboree of food, drink and jigsaws! Gayle and Adam have been with us throughout the holiday; Laura & Dave were here for a week then headed south on Wednesday to go camping in the Breacon Beacons! Zoe and Luke have been out for a few meals too so it has been a busy house!

We send you lots of love - miss not seeing you over the Christmas break but wish you all the best for the rest of your travels.

We’re taking your Mum down to Bishopbriggs tomorrow and spending Hogmanay afternoon with her too.

Lots of love

Marion & Brian xx

Posted on December 29th, 2006.

seamus and ania said:

hey there you guys,
just a quick note to say happy new year from the both of us. good to see you are havin a great time. well, we had a great christmas here with my brother, plenty of guinness if you take my meaning.
we’re off on a big trip in the morning - the great circle of oz, heading west and don’t expect to be back in melbourne for another five or six weeks, then off to new zealand.
so, we hope you ahve a good 2007
seamus and ania

Posted on January 2nd, 2007.

Robbie and Natasha said:

Al and Sarah,

Happy new year to you both!

We have been keeping track on your travels and so far you have visted some amazing places. It also looks like you are both having a great time and (not surprisingly) are able to source beer wherever you end up.

Wishing you all the best for 2007 and for the remainder of your travels.

Robbie and Natasha

Posted on January 3rd, 2007.

Ally & Lorna said:

Merry Christmas & a happy new year,
Hears wishing you’s all the best for 2007, you’s are not looking bad for a couple living on reheated curried turkey dinner, we look forward to the next stage of your journey.

Lorna and Ally

Posted on January 4th, 2007.

Max & Ally said:

Hey guys.

Hope you had a proper chrimbo and a great New Year!
I got the flu the day after Boxing Day, and never shifted it till after the New Year. In saying that Allison and I had a great time, and cherished our last Christmas and New Year together before the arrival of ‘the little smelly, hungry one’….no I dont mean Ally Q - I mean the baby! doh!

Im sure you guys are having a great time and I’m sure that you will continue to do so. We’re missing you loads Sarah, but not to fussed about seeing Ally again soon ;)

Have a cracker guys :D

Posted on January 11th, 2007.

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