2 Swedes, The Bobby Dazzler & Co Chang

We left Cambodia on February 17th (Chinese New year) and had a grueling 3 hour taxi drive along what can only be described as dirt tracks. Apparently the roads are under construction and there were the odd men digging beside the road and a few random pieces if machinery to back this up. However, the roads were a nightmare and so dusty. Taxi man was driving sat about 60 – 70 mile an hour the whole time over bumps, round sharp bends and with about 3 metres visibility due to the dust.

Anyway shaken but still alive, we arrived at the border town of Poipet to the banging and crackling of fireworks being set off at the roadside to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Temperature was hotter than the fires of hell and after a quick stamp out of Cambodia we walked an arduous 2 mile trek, with turtle packs in tow, to Aranya Prathet (Thai border crossing). From there it was a tuk tuk to the bus station, followed by a 4 hour bus drive to Chanthaburi, a 1 hour high speed pick up truck (Sawngthaew) to Laem Ngop, a 1 hour ferry to Ko Chang pier then and a 30 minute pick up truck to our destination Ao Khlong Phrao. Finally arrived, a little disheveled and started hunting for accommodation. The cheapest I could find was 1000 baht (about 14 quid which is too much for us) but at this point we just needed a bed. Place was gorgous though, apart from the abundance of mossies!! Next day awoke early to ensure our free breakfast and wandered down to the beach for a look around for cheaper digs. Found a nice place for 800 baht and humped bags down to there. Spent the day on the beach which unfortunately was filthy – not sure if it was due to the New Year celebrations the night before or just hadn’t been cleaned for a while,  but the white sands and blue seas were a wash with combs, bottles, cans and other deluge all covered in little clams

DSC03155 DSC03156  

Needless to say I was not impressed and voted we move the next day.

That evening on the interweb computer web establishment we met a guy from Fife who had been there for a few months who recommended his friend’s place “the Backpackers” which was nearby, cheap and had a pool. So he phoned Italian Joe (who’s lived in Scotland for many years so has a dodgy footballer Scottish/Italian accent) and arranged for us to go check it out. Got a taxi up there and realized it was only 5 mins from the beach and restaurants so at this point (much to my protesting) Al suggested we hire a Moto (scooter) to get us about and I agreed to try, if he promised to go slow. Joe was a top bloke and the guest house although a little shabby had a small pool, the bedrooms were en suite and only cost 400 baht a night. Perfect!! He arranged a moto for us also which arrived within minutes and 200 Baht later and we had ourselves a “HOG”. So the next morning Al did 4 trips with the moto and the baggage and we arrived at our new home for the next 5 days.


Not long after arriving we met an English lad in the pool who quickly introduced himself as Bobby, then quickly added that he was in fact referred to as “The Bobby Dazzler”. He reminded me of my brother and reminded two girls, we met later of Paul Hogan (aka Crocodile Dundee) so hours of amusement.


We soon met Bobby’s Boys Dean and Matty. Our first evening there was a quiet affair and Al and I just went for dinner in the local road side café opposite where dinner and a beer was 100 baht for the two of us. Then we got a few beers to drink by the pool. Easy night and just before bed met a couple of Swedish girls who were also staying there called Marlene and Alex.

The next afternoon sat chatting with Bobby and his mates and went down to White Sands beach which was much nicer then the other. That evening decided to have a few beers round the pool and a cheap night with Bobby, the boys, Marlene and Alex. Needless to say about 100 beers later clothes were removed and everyone was in the pool, songs were sung and Alex turned into a chicken shouting “cockadoodaldo” every time she jumped in the pool. Hilarious fun. Very random. A very late night and awoke next day suffering big style. Sorry about the photos guys!!!!

DSC03162  DSC03165

Found a local bikers restaurant that served pies and chips and beans, so devoured them and then back to bed. Met up with the other reprobates later that evening and went for an Indian and out for last night in Koh Chang drinks.


A relatively quiet night and all returned to the pool – keeping clothes firmly on this time!!!! Next morning an early start and all of us headed back to Bangkok via the ferry (1 hour) and bus (4 hours).


Arrived at Bangkok, near Khao San road so we decided to stay there with the boys. Hunted for accommodation and managed to find a dodgy establishment that would do. Went straight to the Irish pub where ridiculous amounts of alcohol were drunk, found Marlene and Alex who’s bus had taken 8 hours to get back rather than the 4 hours ours took. Another night of Thai buckets (a bucket of vodka and red bull or whiskey and coke), a live band and a late night.

In the morning it was up and out as Pauline and Stuart were meeting us later today. So we headed off in search of more luxurious accommodation, as they would not have liked the place we were in. Found the D & D Inn (800 Baht & Pool on roof) and bedded in for a quick kip before the Scots arrived and the rest of this tale will continue another day!!!

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Morven said:

Hiya guys,
Sounds such a fab time you’re having! A very belated happy birthday sarah AND Al! Sorry its late, seem to be about a month behind for everything this year! Will write an email very soon! Love all the photos - the naked pool one very funny!!!
Hope you’re both well
love morven xx
ps. You both need to drink alot more - looks as if you’re losing too much weight! (or is it just me that go’s travelling for a year and manages to put on over 2 stone!!!)

Posted on March 26th, 2007.

Dean irons said:

How u doin guys? Bobby said you’d e-mailed some pics, so seeing that I set up his e-mail account and know his log in details I thought I’d have a cheeky look! They’ve come out great, just what I wanted to see! Gonna check out that other link in a minute to view some more.

Hopefully then we’ll get to meet up with you again some time in oz.

Until then, take care of yourselves


Posted on April 18th, 2007.

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