Koh Samui

So on to the next tale, my God I’m whacking these out fast now!!  Amazing what a few days of soberness can do for the blog!! to see the actual dates we were there you can check our itenary page. Apologies for a lack of photos on this and the last few blogs, but our camera had broken and we only had a dodgy disposable (thanks Paul & Pauline) - so picture quality and quantity may not be the best!

Arrived in Koh Samui quite late on, to the smallest aiport I have ever seen with wooden shacks for the terminal buildings and a train to take us from the plane to collect the bags. Jumped a taxi straight to the resort, which appeared to be a jungle hideaway. Slightly off the beaten track (2Km) from main road Maenam, but this place was a real find. We each had a bungalow consisting of bedroom, lounge/kitchen and bathroom with inside and outside showers. Fortunately the Pauls treated us to a night there and all the boys from home paid for the next one, so thanks Lads great pressie!! There was only 5 villas here manged by an American guy called Stan, who appeared from a candle lit, tapestry drapped, marijuana den to greet us.

Spent the first night chilled, having dinner and watching DVDs preparing for the big night tomorrow - THE FULL MOON PARTY and of course booked our boat tickets to get there!!!! Spent the next day on the beach where we found a great restaurant for sandwiches etc, hired some motos and caught up on a few emails.

Had a hearty dinner in an Italian/Thai restaurant in Maenam then headed off to the boat.

Aperitifs pre Full Moon 

Had been warned lots about overcrowding on these speed boats and we were all a little sober and sceptical. On the way out there were 45 on a boat for 30 (didn’t feel too squashed though) and I think we were all panicing about the journey home.  Arrived in Hat Rin, where we had to jump off the boat into the sea and clamber over rocks to get onto land. Were then confronted by a mass of neon lights, bars and restaurants and we followed the masses towards the beach. Initially the beach wasn’t too packed so we decided to go for a drink at a local bar.

The Full Mooners  

From the bar, we saw streams of people beachward bound and decided at this point, that it was off to the “offie” to purchase the necessary equipment….

1) A small bucket of ice

2) some straws


4) Diet coke

5) and some beers to wash it all down !!!

and all for the bargain price of about 5 quid!! Mix them all together and you get - well this a drunken mess!!!!

It's all mine - hands off!! Full Moon Buckets

Stuart inisted we all have neon Light necklaces and the rest of the evening is a blurry mess as are the photos…

Check out the glow stick!! Full Moon Rave 3/3/07 Stuart & Al Full Moon Pauline does the Full Moon

So despite all the worries about getting back I believe I was screaming and souting with joy the whole trip back with the excitement - so i’ve been told.

Anyway all got home safe and sound and after a dawn dip in the pool it was bedtime!! the next day we woke up realtively hangover free which was amazing considering the intake of the night before. So we headed back down to the beach for snacks and water. We all had a doze on the beach and then headed back for a shower and change before going out again for dinner. Decided to take it easy after and went back to the villas with a few beers to watch The Guardian and Clerks 2.

We decided  to move the next day as Maenam wasn’t as happening as we wuld have liked and we had already eaten in most of the restaurants there. So we hired a green Jeep “The FB” and moved ourselves down to Lamai beach. Had booked some beach side bungalows, which were basic to say the least and although the Pauls had said they would “try”, after 2 hours had booked themselves into the next door 4 star hotel (travellers my ass). That evening we had a moon light meal on the beach and then headed off in search of action. Managed to find another ladyboy bar street where we proceeded to enjoy the culture!!

The next day was Paul & Pauline’s 15th Anniversary of boyfriend/girlfriend bliss.

Happy Anniversary!!! 

So we spent the day travelling around the Island in search of a nice beach, as it was only about 20 miles all around. Found a secluded waterfall and went to go see it,  but were advised that it required walking boots and the notion soon left us. We then found a beautiful secluded beach where we spent the day splashing in the sea and sunbathing.

Desserted Beach  

Paul was now a shade of jobby broon so could face the sun again. After the beach we completed our circle of the island then went out for an Indian meal. Afterwards was more mayhem and found another dodgy establishment with big footed women?? Pauline and I over indulged in the booze and unfortunately poor Pauline was suffering big style the next day.

Headed off again in search of the waterfall (this time with proper shoes) and enroute the boys found a quad bike track. Pauline and I sat head in hands whilst they pelted it around the track. It was then off to the waterfall which was more of a hike than a leisurely strool and the heat and climbing got the better of Pauline after a about a mile and she had to stop. We all continued expecting this amazing site and whenwe got there saw a small trickle of water flowing down a filthy rock - not worth the 1/2 stone of sweat we had just lost. Anyway from there we escorted Pauline to her bed and al and I went off for a club sandwhich - which came as an omelette (how things get lost in translation??)

After checking my email that night I found out that Marlene and Alex (the 2 Swedes) were in town so gave them a call and they agreed to meet us for dinner. They arrived with a New Zealand girl they’d found along the way called Carla, so we all got aquainted and ate pork from a spit! So dinner and drinks were had and then Al and I were dragged off to Chaweng beach for further entertaining. Pauline & Stuart refrained. Took about 30 minutes in a taxi during which we sang our hearts out to Ronan Keating and Celine Dion. Then the night got blurry…..

The next day was a chilled beach day, followed by dinner and drinks with the girls again.

Lamai Beach Possee  

We then headed off to a “Cabaret” show which much to the boys horror was all Lady Boys. we arrived late and the only seats were near the front so poor Al got molestered on several accounts which he claims he hated!!! Particularly by this (wo)man?

Lamai Cabaret Show 4 

The best act was a Tina Turner looka like who was scaryly similar!!

Lamai Cabaret Show 3- Tina? 

but all were great!

Lamai Cabaret Show 1 Lamai Cabaret Show 2

Then it was back to lady boy bar street for drinks and pole dancing!!!

Lady Boy Bar - Lamoi Beach Sweedish Pole Dancers

and a spot of Thai boxing (sorry no photos). The last day on the beach was uneventful apart from the fact that the sea was full of strange blue fish/rock things so we were all to scared to get in. Dinner was a quiet affair followed by again a few drinks and on to bed for a 05:00 flight back to bangkok. Needless to say a few drinks was too many and again had a hungover flight. Arrived back at the Ban Sabai hostel, Bangkok, early and managed to get a room, so Pauline and I chilled there while the boys chilled by the pool. Managed to get both rooms for 11-00 so that we could chill for 2 hours before the arrival of KEVIN!!! And that’s another story…..

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PnP said:

Hey There

Wasn’t sure if the phrase “in my/our defense” would be required, thankfully not!

Looking forward to hearing about your time with Kev after we left. From what we saw and have heard it’s bound to be a good one.

Take It Easy

Posted on March 27th, 2007.

BOB & ACE said:

We want more chicken pictures

Posted on March 31st, 2007.

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