The Dooch Does Thailand!!!

So Kevin arrives!!! After a sneakey couple of hours sleep, we were rudely awoken by a text from Kevin, saying he was in reception. Seconds later he was barging into our room and blessing us with his sarcastic banter (ah how nothing changes!!!). So after a quick freshen up it was up to the pool where kevin revealed to the world his true whiteness!!I believe several people fainted and a few are being treated in the local hospital for shock!!


After a couple of beers by the pool and a pizza it was off to an Irish bar in search of the Old firm match, which was on that night. Decided to go to a bar outwith Khao San and got on the underground then sky train, which was an ordeal. i’ve never heard so many people complain at once..”why didn’t we get a taxi”, “I’m hungry”, “are we there yet?” Anyway found the pub which obviously wasn’t playing the game and bought about more winging. After several beers decided to go and see if we could find a Thai boxing match. Found the main stadium which had fights on so we thought excellent. Was about 10-00 and we were told the fights went on till 12-00. Asked if we could get a discount as it was late on but the guy actually ended up charging us an extra 100 baht apparently for the fighters. We were herded up to some dodgy concrete stepds with a big sign saying “foreigners/farang” and plonked in our designated standing area. We were about he only Pharang there and were getting odd looks from all directions. Only saw 2 fights then the main event of the evening came on, which was in fact 2 kids. So we paid 6000 baht (80 quid) for the 5 of us for 1 hours worth of shit fights and kids fights. Me thinks they saw us coming!! Never mind though it was an authentic ring and an “experience’. Afterwards we decided to keep it cheap and bought some beers and headed back to the pool.

The next day we were up relatively early and headed off on the Sky train to the Chao Phraya river, to take a boat up and do the touristy thing. Needless to say by the time we had taken the sky train,


found a KFC, then had to go to McDonalds as the Chicken was no good, then found a Dunkin Donuts for dessert, the day was heading on, right on with Thai culture! Boarded the boat and headed up stream to the Reclining Budda at Wat Po.


Stuart complained the whole way about the smell of the river and when he got splashed by some water, his face was a picture (unfortuntely not captured on film). Got off the boat and walked through the streets to the Temple. The reclining Budda is apparently the largest one in thailand- quite impressive!Huge feet!

DSC00130 DSC00132

Throughouth the temple we found several photo opportunities…

Big Trouble in Bangkok 1 Scots Vs Thai Guy Stuart gets friendly with the natives! Smoke? 


From there it was back on the boat over the river to the Wat Arun - the Temple of Doom (or so we called it). this is the oldest Temple in thailand and the colouirs and architecture were breathtaking - similar to how I  imagine Angkor Wat must have looked in it’s hay day.

DSC00145  DSC00144

At this point it was about 17:00 so we decided to go to Khao San road to introduce Kevin to the cuture.  


Where it was straight onto the beer and Gin Fizz!

DSC00149 DSC00150

Suddenly it was dark and the neon of Khao San came out to play…and so did we!!


After dinner it was onto a wacky races style tuk-tuk journey to a ping pong show!!Our driver was doing wheelies and scaring me senseless but we won and arrived in dodgeville first!


The ping pong show was more of a magic show with women producing different items from the nether regions - from rows of bunting to full cans of coke, opening bottles, firing darts at balloons and producing a strip of razor blades. Amazing pelvic floor control! unfortunately lads no pictures - not allowed.

From there it was back to the pool and a few more beers.


Stuart had bought a T-shirt on Khao San with a monkey & a spiral on it (his 2 favourite things) and was in T-shirt heaven!!


And that was our last night with the Pauls. The next day was a chilled affair and we lazed by the pool till about 7 then went down to the restaurant for dinner. At 9:00 P n P were off and that was the end of their time in Thailand - hope they enjoyed it. So we were left alone with the Dooch. Decided to take it easy so again just got a few beers and went to the roof. After a few we were just about to leave when 3 young Thai boys came up with a Hookah and a load of beers and insisted we join them. Well Kev was a mess and decided to take off his clothes and jump into the pool - he was mock fighting with the young boys and making new friends. At 03:00  Al and I decided to go to bed and tried to drag kevin downstairs but he wanted to stay with his new friends.

When we awoke the next morning we tried to call Kev’s room to no avail. al went along the corridoor a little worried that he may have been raped by the boys and found Kev covered in vomit after just waking up on his bathroom floor. he had no recollection of what happened so we made up that he and the boys were all over each other when we had left!!!He was woried. He then realised he had no shoes. So we all went to look for them upstairs again to no avail. So Kev lost not only his shoes that night!!!!!

Had to go to the camera shop and put the camera in for repair and look for new shoes for Kevin and listen to him bitch the entire way about how he loved those trainers….Anyway went back to the hotel and found a message from Marlene and Alex saying they were on Khao San road and that they wanted to meet up. so after a small doze we headed off. Met the girls and went for an Itlian meal then to the Irish bar for drinks. ended up being a 07:30 finish with Kevin asking for Marlenes hand in marriage - the reply came in Swedish, and we were unsure of its true meaning…

Later the next day it was back to the aiport - Krabi bound.


Arrived at Ao Nang beach quite late and it took a good bit of searching to find accomodation. So eventually went out for some food and a few drinks and retired early. The next day we had to look for more accomodation and all proved to be expensive. So Al and I took a fan only room with no windows that smelled of shit for 700 baht and Kev took the executive air conditioned, sea view room for 2000 baht. Spent the day on the beach chilling, which was beautiful but the sea was so shallow and hot it was  hard to cool down.

DSC00188 DSC00190 

Watched the sun set then it was off to get changed.


Suprisingly had dinner and drinks in an Irish bar - The Irish Rover, where we met 2 Mels from South Africa and a Norweigan guy, John who soon became our friends.

DSC00194  DSC00196

They suggested we wennt to the “lunar” bar so off we went- shots, beers and cocktails later, Kev was in heaven…

DSC00198 DSC00200

And the stupid photos started.

DSC00201 DSC00202

Anyway spent the next day chilling on the beach and Kevin worked on his tan - looking brown, eh?


So after a relaxed evening at a lovely restaurant (which did real mash) we had an early night for our trip to Koh Phi Phi tomorrow.

Headed off early and took a couple of hours to get to Phi Phi Don where we had to catch a long tail boat to Lonely beach where we had booked into the hill side resort. Arrived to find we had to climb about 20 flights of stirs in the roaring heat to get to it. Kev was not impressed.

DSC00232 DSC00231

Again we went for the fan and Kev splashed out on A/C.

DSC00227 DSC00223

Spent the day on the beach, which was stunning. Went for a walk at dusk in search of an ATM and walked all the way round to the main pier, Ton Sai (which was only about 20 minutes away). Discovered that all the night life was here and decided we should probably move the next day. That evening decided to eat at the restaurant on site to avoid the stairs. As we were sitting there we started talking to a couple (Martin & Laura) who ended up being from Bishopbriggs and who knew Fraser and his mates. Very Bizarre. So we went for a few drinks down on the beach with them, but discovered that the beach was desserted. Managed to fing an open bar and sat there till the wee hours.


The next day it was back to the beach and a quiet evening up at the resort with Martin and Laura. While sat at the restaurant all you could hear was this mooing noise which was deafening, when we explored we discovered it was bull frogs in the pond blowing up their necks. Very strange.


Decided to move the next day as it was to far from life. Despite the stunning scenery.

DSC00225 DSC00228  

So we checked out and got a long tail back to Ton Sai.

DSC00235 DSC00240 DSC00238

Found some accomodation fairly quickly which was cheap and very basic. Had a bucket flush loo and tide marks on the walls from the Tsunami. Kev was not impressed but as they only cost 700 Baht he said he would manage, and it had a pool. He was also bitching at this point about the number of bite he had and thought he would get more in this “hell hole”.

DSC00252 DSC00251 DSC00241

Went for a trip round the place to find out what was going on and found several bars to return to later.

Does my hat match my skin?? DSC00244 IMAGE_00042

So that night ventured over to Hippies bar where we ate, drank and played cards.  All of a sudden the heavens opened and the rain came down sideways- fortunatelty we ran for cover just in time. When the rain eased off we headed out to Apache bar where there was fire dancing and you ogt a free bucket at 12-00.

DSC00258 DSC00259

Again the silly faces came out, you shake your head furiously from side to side while someone captures the image - attractive!!

DSC00261 DSC00262 DSC00265

From there it was onto buckets…

DSC00275 DSC00276

and to a Thai boxing ring where anyone could get in the ring

DSC00278 DSC00285

Then met some random guy on the way home…


and bed.. God knows when!!!

The next day we chilled by the pool and met Jacob and Sophie, street performers, who were staying in the same place as us. They were performing that night at Hippies so we went for a quiet dinner and then their show. Pretty talented..

DSC00299 Surely Jacob should be on top?

So instead of a quiet night stayed there till sunrise,where we met Tan a lady boy who wanted kev “but cannot”..and the same random guy from the night before…

DSC00308 DSC00310

At sunrise the tide was completely out so the boys walked about a mile out into the bay which was stunning.

DSC00314 DSC00321

So a quiet day relaxing a few beers at the hell hole that evening and an early start back to Krabi then to bangkok. So we left Phi Phi at 14:00 and Kev was headed off on a 32 hour trip home and us back to Bangkok.

Said our fairwells to Kevin at the aiport and we headed back into the town for a chilled out weekend and to catch up on this bloody blog!!!

So the tales of the last 8 weeks are now up to date and we are headed South again this time to Ko tao to do some diving and relaxation.

We would like to say a big thanks to Paul and Pauline, Rachel and Kevin for coming to see us and entertaining us for the past 5 weeks. It was great to see some familiar faces, although we are now broke and exhuasted. Anyway keep reading and we will fill you in on our next adventure soon. Promise…

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PnP said:

Oops, ignore my entry in last entry - didn’t realise it was already updated!

Posted on March 27th, 2007.

BOB & ACE said:

Frogs hey! they taste very salty. Cows, ducks, pigs and goats are more fun.
Also were are all the friendly muts.

Posted on March 31st, 2007.

Eedo said:

The LadyBoy Fleet,
We nick the trainers aff yer feet.”

Posted on April 5th, 2007.

Al said:

Sweey trainers, although those elevated wooden soles look a tad clumsy - still i like the incorperation of the internal bookshelf…

Posted on April 16th, 2007.

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