Koh Tao …We Dive !!!!!

So after a hectic few weeks entertaining, we were ready to move on again. During our stay in Bangkok we didn’t achieve much apart from we purchased a new camera so we could continue to add to our vast collection of photos and updated the blog.

We had initially decided to go North to Chaing Mai, but after much deliberation we decided we needed to return to the beach as our tans were fading and we needed a break (hard life this travelling malarkey). So we decided to head south again and the destination was Koh Tao. We had heard from several others that the diving was good and cheap on the island so we decided it sounded like a good destination. Koh Tao is North of Koh Pang Nan

So it was back onto a bus from Bangkok to Chumporn (21:00 – 05:00) and then a boat (07:00 - 09:00). We had managed to get a few hours sleep on the bus but was pretty weary when we arrived at the boat port. Just as we got off the bus we bumped into a guy called Jim from the Whitsunday’s, Australia, who we became chatty with.


After a couple of minutes he suggested beer and we agreed. So a couple of “tinnies” later he was giving us his number in Oz and said we could stay with him when we arrive (excellent). watched teh sunrise which was amazing then boarded our vessel for the short trip to Koh Tao.


He got off the boat at the next island from us, a small place called Nangyuan, which I renamed Orang-utan, and we agreed to meet up in the next few days. 


We arrived on our island a few minutes later and immediately got hustled into a dive shop. Due to our half inebriated state we signed up for an advanced diving course. The dive centre provided us with accommodation nearby at a majorly reduced rate (300 baht per night - £5) which was a good result though. So we got settled into our little hut (basic but fine) and had a wee sleep before heading down to the beach. Met a potentail girlfriend for Ace.


The hut had plenty of wildlife about it.

DSC00050 DSC00049

Our hut was a small stroll from the beach and the sea was just gorgeous.

DSC00027 DSC00028 DSC00051

Went out for a chinese that niight and Al maged to get hmself in a right mess..


We arranged to meet up with Jim the next night and went over to Orang-utan during the day. The island was amazing, tiny but beautiful.


It consisted of two rocky areas adjoined by a beach bridge.

DSC00036 DSC00034 DSC00037  

So we chilled on the beach for the afternoon reading and swimming then had a few beers at sunset before catching a long tail boat back to Koh Tao. When we got back we continued drinking in a local bar where we met a cute baby and a French man who I practised my best French on.


The rest of the week consisted of completing our advanced diving certificate, which involved 5 dives (one at night) and a little bit of theory. The diving was just amazing and we really felt like we were getting the hang of it now. We saw loads of fish, rays and beautiful coral and the dive sites were on a par with or even maybe better than the Maldives.

69970038 69980009 69980035 69980039

Did one dive at a place called Lean Thian, which was out of this world had a Star Wars style cavern which we dived through and practised our newly mastered buoyancy skills.

69990003 69990019   

After we’d completed the course we decided to do a couple more dives a few days later and were told that a whale shark (the largest fish in the sea, about 10m long) had been spotted at a site the day before. So we booked up to go there and hopefully see the fishy. So we arrived all excited to find that pretty much every diver on the Island was also there. So millions of divers, but no whale shark, although we did see a reef shark.. The diving was however fascinating. The next dive was off to White Rock where we had done the night dive and was equally amazing. On the way back to base, we heard on the radio that apparently the whale shark had been sighted again at the same place. So we decided to go back that afternoon on a speed boat with a few others. Needless to say by the time we got back the shark had gone and despite spending all afternoon shark hunting NO SHARK… However fooled around and got loads of great photos.699900206999002769990008

Evenings were spent just chilling on the beach with a couple of drinks and eating. The relaxed atmosphere and bean bags on the beach, along with fire shows was enough to entertain us.

Unfortunately we noticed that our flight to Oz was on the 10th not the 15th which we had though so we had to make an abrupt end to our relaxation and head onto Kuala Lumpur, to reach Singapore for the 10th. However before we left we hired an ATV and toured the island which was certainly an experience as most of the island had no proper roads and was difficult to navigate even on an ATV. But the scenery was fantastic and despite having sore arms the next day from holding on it was great fun.

DSC00066 DSC00069 DSC00065

So with teary eyes we had to say good bye to our favourite island so far and indeed to Thailand. Seemed strange to be leaving after 2 months there but Australia was calling. So it was back on the boat, this time a night boat to Surat Thani (8 hours) in dorm conditions, sleeping cms from the next person which was interesting,

DSC00078 DSC00077  

then onto the bus to Hat Yai (4 hours) then another bus to KL (12 hours). So we are currently in KL and I will do a brief blog on that in the near future when we arrive in Oz. So from here it’s off to Singapore tomorrow then Alice Springs to see a big rock!!! Will keep you posted and hope everyone is keeping well. Take care until our next entry.

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BOB & ACE said:

Love the blonde but does she go for blad guys
Bob says if not can he try.

Posted on April 9th, 2007.

Sarah said:

Bob & Ace
Always after the ladies - you’d have to learn to speak Thai first. Just after this phiti was taken she had her hair cut too so was also bald - so would have been a great match for Ace xxx
Take care hope mum and dad are well and maybe some day they’ll leave a message for us….

Posted on April 10th, 2007.

Hairy said:

Oh my god was on that very same boat! bed space 32 if i remember correctly, a bit of a shame there was no talent either side! ps. you didnt find a pair of pink bed socks did you?

Posted on April 10th, 2007.

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