We’re off to see the Wizard…

After our mammoth journey from Thailand, we finally arrived in Kuala Lumpar in the middle of the night, en route to Oz. We were suppposed to get there at about 12 but due to the bus crashing at a toll booth and having to wait an hour for the police we were a little delayed!!!

So feeling weary from a long stint and stinky from the lack of shower in the past 24 hours, we made our way to the hostel, just a short stroll from the bus station. Certainly “quaint” in it’s nature, we had a room with minimal furnishing and a shared bathroom with the entire floor (one loo per 20 people). Anyway were told there was a roof terrace and after a quick glimpse revealed a load of revellers still partying, so decided it maybe wasn’t that bad. However we were knackered so went straight to bed.

Spent the next day catching up on some emails and discovered that the Malaysian Grand prix was on that day. So after much debating we decided why not go and see it? We headed off to the train station and were told that you could get tickets on the door. Met a couple of lads from Nigeria at the station who were also Grand prix bound so made friends with them and caught the bus out to the track with them. The bus was probably half full of people heading to watch the cars.

We had been told the race started at 15:30 so when we arrived at 16:00 we thought we would have just missed a few laps. But no, the race had actually started at about 14:00 so there were only 3 laps left.  So imagine how we felt, after we had just spent an hour and a half on the bus, walked about 2 miles up hill in the sweltering heat and there were no cars to be seen. So disappointed and dishevelled, we hung around for a bit and got some photos of the area and heard the last few laps.

DSC00083 DSC00079 DSC00084 DSC00085


So no Grand Prix but never mind was a day out!!! Arrived back in town starving and headed to the mighty Burgerla King. After a fill we headed down to the Chinese market to pick up some last cheap goods before OZ. Al bought some shorts and T-shirts and I got a bag. After that we went back to the hostel, armed with beer and sat on the terrace to unwind from the stress of the day. We got chatting to a few lads, who were playing drinking Texas Hold’em but we decided to sit that one out. Then got chatting to a Malaysian man who worked there, who was playing the guitar. This man was obsessed with Jon Bon Jovi and could play all 40 of his albums. So we were serenaded for the next few hours by his Bon Jovi impersonations amongst others!! Needless to say after a few drinks Al was requesting Take it easy by the Eagles and we were both singing away!! Decided we’d had enough at 3 ish and it was off to bed.

Next day was our last there so went and booked bus tickets to Singapore for the next day and decided to do some sight seeing. Walked off down to Times Square, a fancy shopping mall and bought ourselves a new book each, a Lonely Planet Australia book and had lunch.


Then we wandered off around in the blazing heat and went to see the Petronas towers. Very impressive and huge. Unfortunately they were closed on a Monday for visitors so didn’t manage to climb them but sat admiring them from outside.

DSC00105 DSC00107

Also saw a few other sights about town.


Headed back and packed before an early night. Awoke the next morning, feeling refreshed and ready for another mammoth bus journey. Left KL at 10:30 on a decent bus, had minimal hassle through the border crossing and arrived in Singapore at about 15:30. Our flight wasn’t till 22:30 but as we had our bags and not much money just decided to head straight to the airport. Had a really friendly taxi driver who pointed out sights along the way and from what we could gather on our whistle stop tour, Singapore looked very clean and green and we would have liked to spend more time there but unfortunately not this trip. A few games of shit head at the airport and some dinner whiled away the time and we were soon on board. Australia bound.

First flight was four hours to Darwin with a brief stop over, then another 3 to Cairns. On board we met a lovely guy called Marty who was just returning from 3 months in Ko Samui with his Thai girlfriend. He explained that he had a guest house just north of Cairns, which was registered in the Lonely Planet and said we could stay there for a while after Ayres Rock, which sounded great as a first port of call. Marty got off at Cairns and we had to board another flight to Ayres Rock. At this time it was 09:00 and we hadn’t been to sleep yet, so were pretty tired. Fell asleep straight away and woke up in Ayres Rock, on Aussie soil, but that story’s for later…

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