Chez Marty, Palm Cove, Cairns.

Well we arrived in Palm Cove after the humidity and flies of Ayres Rock and really felt like we’d landed on our feet. Since our arrival we have spent best part of 4 weeks here, partly through laziness and partly due to the bank. So the 3 days we were supposed to stay extended a little and we are currenlty still here.

The bank decided they would cancel our cards and were apparently unable to reinstate them, so we had to stay here till they could send us new ones as we didn’t have a forwarding address and no access to money!!! We managed to get them to wire us some money to tide us over and it wasn’t too much of a hardship to stay here as we liked it s much. So they promised they would be here within 4 days and it actually took them 12 days to get here so well done HSBC…

Anyway bitching aside, onto the tale of Palm Cove.

The guy, Marty


who we’d met on the plane over had recommended we stay at his B & B, so when we arived in Cairns, we hired a car and out we went. The drive to Palm Cove was only about 20 minutes, along the Captain Cook Highway and the scenery en route was simply stunning. You are driving about 1 mile way from the beach on your right, amongst green fields and have mountains and rain forest on your left.

Captain Cook Along Captain Cook Highway2

Marty’s gaff is like a home away from home.

Martys gaff1Martys place2 

We even had our own sheep dog Tess, who became a good friend because we took her walks on the beach.

Tess awokenTess hatching plots 

Our room is what’s described as a unit and has it’s own kitchen and bathroom.

Ourpalm cove room Outside oor gaff

So we could finally get to the supermarket and buy food that we could cook ourselves. No more menus…yeah!!!

So the first week we spent relaxing and eating BBQ after BBQ. Ah for good old meat, veg and spuds..lovely.

Martys BBQ2 Martys BBQ1Watch yer fingers al

And of course chatting with local copper and live in lodger Steve …


We also spent the majority of the first week trying to locate a car so that we could begin our travels. Well we didn’t think it wuld be so hard to buy a car. In Queensland, before you can register a car in your name it had to have a Road Worthy Certificate (RWC) performed on it which is basically the same as an MOT. If the car has not got one then you have to put it on before registering it and it could prove to be expensive, if it needs loads of repairs. There certsainly wasn’t a lack of cars for sale, from ones at the side of the road….

First possible car Car hunt6

to notices strewn on Gilligan’s and Shennaningan’s (Backpackers pubs) notice boards…

Car hunt1 Car hunt3

to ads in the local paper.

Second possibile car

Loads of travellers who have bought their cars in Sydney or where ever else are not aware of the RWC rules and try to sell them without it. So most of the cars we went to look at were useless cos we didn’t want to risk getting a lemon.

We even tried the local auctions and out bidded every one on a jeep/mini bus thing and thought we were sorted but we had bid $4000 and the owner wanted nothing less than $7000 so no sale there… Cars here are so expensive. The exchange rate at the moment is about $2.3 to the pound and most cars at at least $2-3000, even fpr the shitters. However I ‘m sure at home you can pick something up for a couple of hundred… maybe that’s wishful thinking though!!!

Anyway as Al explained on his blog we ended up with Skippy, the Mitsubishi Magna and what a beauty he is!!!!!


Anyway after finally purchasing him, we then needed to buy suppplies for the inside, ie) tent, sleeping bags etc. Which took a few days of shopping around. We had also decided it was a good idea to proabably sleep in the car. So we bought a blow up matress and made curtains out of old duvet cases for the windows. My my I wasn’t aware Al was such a dab hand with the sewing machine and the curtains turned out… well reasonable!!!

Other than that the first couple of weeks were spent with a lot of walking on the beach, with Tess and generally taking in the beautiful scenery of Palm Cove.

Two hounds on beach Tess comin closer

Marty’s place is at the end of the street which joins on to the beach front Esplanade and near all the 5 star hotels.

Lookin' up Veivers Road Lookin' down Veivers Road Towards Esplanade2


The beach extends in both directions for a couple of miles and there are 2 islands, Double Island

Double island2

and Scout Hat Island just off shore.

Scout Hat island2

The only problem are the stingers - you can’t get in the sea for the box jelly fish and the “irukandji” ( which Al can’t stop saying in a bad Ozzie accent as he finds the word hilarious).

We have done quite a bit in the last few weeks so rather than giving you a day by day commentary this is what we been up to since we’ve been here …….

We Have……….

1) Been to the cable ski park a couple of times, which is just down the road, where Al and Marty have battled over who rules the lake (unofrtunately not Marty)….I chose to observe from the sun lounger at the side!!

Perfect landing Cableski4


2) Been on the Skyrail, a 8 Km cable car ride, through the Tropical Rain Forest from Cairns to Kuranda. The scenery was breath taking, from views over Cairns Town,

out to the ocean,


over Palm Cove and Double Island,


over the rainforest

Skyrail11 Skyrail9

over the Baron Gorge and Falls,

Barron Falls5 Barron Falls Dam

over the Baron river,

Barron River2 

and finally into Kuranda itself.

 Alien invasion

I must admit I was a little scared as it went pretty high, but I put on a brave face!!!!!


3) Been and swam in the beautiful Crystal Cascades, a major run off of water from the rain forest and clear water swimming holes (a little cold for me)…

Crystal Cascades11 Crystal Cascades19 Crystal Cascades14

4) Been to the Rodeo/races at Mount Garnet. Where we we say giant turmite mounds en route…

Termite mound3 

We decided it was high tide we tried ot our camping gear so we packed up and set off inland for about 3 ours to Mount Garnet where there was a weekend races and Rodeo festival on. Arrived to a deserted town in the middle of the outback and thought we had the wrong place then stumbled upon a field packed with campers..Set up shop and stayed for the weekend drinking beer, watching the rodeo and generaly having a blast in the sun….Some of the tent arrangements made us feel slighlty inadequate but we figured we had all we need to survive.

Mount Garnet Rodeo6 Mount Garnet Rodeo14

Rodeo Bacon fryin 

5) Been to the cinema several times and seen, Shooter (excellent), Wild Hogs (mildly amusing), The number 23 (odd wouldn’t bother) and Perfect Stranger (load of shit - good twist though).

6) Been to the Lawn Bowls X 2 ( I know we are a little young but just an excuse for drinking and more sausages on the BBQ) and 10 pin bowling x 1 - again more drinks!!!

7) Seen wallabies at the side of the road…


8) Been to the Milla Milla Water falls……

Milla Milla Falls2 Milla Milla Falls3

9) Been swimming in Lake Eacham (again too cold for me)

Lake Eacham4 Lake Eacham3

10) Been to the Copperload Dam

Return from Copperlode3 Copperlode Dam2

11) Met Tony, Leanne and Micheal…. and Barry, Kevin & Bill……

Tony, Leanne, Al, Mike and Marty 

12) Awaited cards being delivered…..

So anyway cards are finally here and we can now plan some diving as not enough money to do before. However the winds have now changed and the glorious sunshine had turned to rain so I think that, thanks to HSBC we have missed the best week of diving - but never mind. We are now off to the Great Barrier Reef for 3 days, 2 nights diving with hopefully 11 dives. So we will do a wee blog after that trip and then it’s time to head South - Whitsunday’s bound…

 Massive thanks to Marty, Steve and all the gang at Palm Cove for a fantastic five weeks. If yer in this part of the world check out for possibly the best pace to stay in Cairns

Since originally writing this planned changed and we went north for a couple of days…. to Cape Tribulation and Daintree but will fill you in on that next….. Now in the Whitsundays….

20 Responses to “Chez Marty, Palm Cove, Cairns.”

Mr Glen said:

Hey Tess looks like a bit of a babe. Did you show a snap of me ??? I’m on the Thai flicker
Hang on mum wants a word now. Sounds like your are having a very lazzie time. Have you managed to put some meat back on your bones now you’re eating normally again ?
Was just wondering when we going to hear from you again. Thanks for the rather revolting piece of animal skin that arrived in the post this week.
Enjoy the whitsundays where are you ??

Posted on May 23rd, 2007.

PnP said:

Hey There

Was just about to phone the RSPCA to report some bampots for posting a dead animal through my door and then realised it was a kangaroo skin postcard from you pair - it was well manky, all covered in maggots and flys, we’ve had to vacate the premises while it’s being fumagated!

Just as well you’re cards have been reinstated cos we’ll be forwarding you the bill. Also there really can’t be any more slagging of us for our animal patter, this will always be our comeback, no competition really.

Hope you’re both well. Take It Easy, Love PnP xxx

Posted on May 26th, 2007.

Robbie and Natasha said:

Hi Al and Sarah,

Oz looks fantastic and you both still look like are really enjoying it all.

I see you have opted for the estate car - must be to transport all your beer! Next you will be buying a pad! If u r let me know and I can sell ur bike for you - I should be able to get you 50 quid for it (I will forward on 40 quid once I take off my % handling fee!).

Hope this finds you both well. Take care and best wishes.

Robbie and Natasha

Posted on May 28th, 2007.

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