I thought we were heading south???

So after our dive we were supposed to have one day at Marty’;s then head South to Townsville. The night before we were leaving, all packed and ready to go the next day, one of Marty’s mates - Adrain showed up. He was going to Brisbane in the morning and staying at Marty’s as it was close to the airport. After a while he was saying why don’t we stay at his empty house a couple of hours north in Wonga beach as it was all open and empty. After a few moments debate the plans changed and we were headed north the next day.. opps.

So off nice and early (about midday) and Wonga Beach Bound. The drive up was just stunning following closely to the beach and sea all the way. The beaches are just endless and the sea beautifull.

Stopped en route at Mossman Gorge, a waterfall and National park and Aboriginal community. Had a much need stretch of the legs on a small hike about the park and took in the stunning scenery.

Mossman Gorge7 Tree elf Al rolled the stone away1 Mossman Gorge3

Mossman Gorge2 Al on swing bridge

Manged to picture a local bird…

Elusive bush turkey 

Arrived at Adrians place late afternoon, which was a work in progress. two buildings and very retro style. Cool and a great place to hang out for a few days.

Adrians place3 Adrians place2 Adrians place1

A wee cheeky box of red wine, some pasta and an early night. Nothing to do in Wonga!!

Next morning we were up bright and early and went down to the beach (about 500 metres away). Were we met crazy dog, who bound around like mad chasing sticks and runing randomly up and down the beach.

Crazy wonga dog2  Wonga beach7 Wonga beach6

After breakfast it was off over the Daintree (croc infested) river via ferry to Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation.

Daintree Ferry3 

First stop once off the boat was Cape Kimberly, a vast stretch of beach facing Snapper island. Breath taking.

Snapper Island Cape Kimberly3

Managed to even picture ourselves in the sand!!!

Beach shadows 

It was then back on the main road off to a look out over the Alexandria range which had stunning views over the Daintree and out to Double Island and the ocean.

Alexandria Range lookout1 Alexandria Range lookout2

At the look out we met a couple who had been on our dive trip.  They had spent the last couple of days around here so they gave us some advice about what to do and recommended a great billabong to swim in. From there we headed off to the next stop Cow Bay where there was more sand and more sea!!!!!

Cow Bay2 Cow Bay3

After all this stressful beach viewing we stopped off for lunch and then headed north to the billabong at Emmagen Creek. The water was so clear that even though it wasn’t overly sunny the water beckoned.

Emmagen Creek1 Emmagen Creek2

Next to where you can swim lots of people had built small stone cairms which made the place seem even more mysterious.

Cairns at Emmagen Creek1 Cairns at Emmagen Creek6

Al couldn’t resist jumping off a cliff into the water,

Al jump at Emmagen Creek 

But I went for the more subtle approach and it was cold to say the least. There were little fish also that kept nipping your ankles, but generally refreshing!!!!

Sarah final swims at Emmagen3 Sarah final swims at Emmagen4

Walking back from the hole we saw a Cassowary, one of Australias National birds, it was massive (about the size/height of Al) but he was a little camera shy so photos aren’t the best!!!!

Emmagen Cassowara2 Emmagen Cassowara1

After a quick dry it was off to Cape Tribulation beach where Mr Cook landed all those many years ago. Apparently he got stuck here, but managed to get back somehow!!!

The beach was another stunner and the little crabs had made some pretty patterns in the sand.

Cape tribulation beach2 Sand crab shapes2 Sand crab shapes3 Heart shaped balls

From there we climbed up to another look out over the bay and caught the sun shining down on the forrest which made for another great shot.

Cape Trib lookout3 Cape Trib lookout4

From there it was back to Wonga beach for our last night and dinner and bed.

The next day we drove back to Marty’s for our last night, which turned out to be our 2nd to last night. Sop that evening we went to the bowls and got leathered and then took it easy the next day, washed all our stuff and went out that evening for an all you can eat seafood buffet. Marty’s son Leigh managed about 4 plates of prawns and calamari and Al came in a close 2nd with a legendary 3 plates. I ate chicken!!!!!

So the next day we did leave and it was Southwards bound towards Townsville. So next installement will be in the near future - hope everyone is well and speak soon love us xxxx


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sally said:

Hi Guys,
I am so so so sorry not to have been in touch sooner than this. Just been looking through the website - all looks totally fab and will be a great reminder for you to look back on. I have been to a few of the places you have mentioned when Dad lived over there - cape trib, port douglas etc all so nice. Nothing much happening here i’m afraid, heading over to linds st tonight to meet the girls and celebrate linds h bday - we will have a drink (or 2) for you, its pay day after all!! Hope to keep in touch more often - especially to keep up with all your adventures!!
Take care, have fun and keep parting hard!! Love to both, Sally xxx

Posted on May 31st, 2007.

Dooch said:


Anyone here?

Posted on June 19th, 2007.

Iain said:

Well said, Dooch…
Have you’se gotten “Wolf Creek’ed” in the outback?

Posted on June 19th, 2007.

Graham & Linda Jones said:

Hi guys! How is it all going….? Hope the car is still holding up well. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. Must have a bit of a winge tho, you haven’t said much about Townsville lol it’s THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! So where are you now? You guys left behind a bit of pommy weather here, we’ve even had to get the jumpers out and put the heater on. We had the lowest of 13 degrees last week. BRRRRRRRRRRR! The sun is shining now tho. We had a public holiday today for the Townsville Show, we went to a pub by the water for a couple of coldies. Very very nice. Then we came home and had a scrumptiously wonderful curry we made. What a magic day!! Take care.xx

Posted on July 2nd, 2007.

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