From Cairns to the WetSundays!

Again let me start by apologising for the lack of input towards the blog recenlty. We have been mainly camping over the past few weeks and it is hard to get to the internet!!!!! I know that’s no excuse but it’s the only one we’ve got!!!!

So where did we leave off??? Oh yeah we finally left Palm Cove and headed South. We made the 5 hour trip down south toward Townsville through some pretty countryside amongst Sugar cane fields and lush greenery. We also stopped off at Mission beach and took a few snaps!!!

Mission Beach

En route we decide to phone Linda and Graham the couple we had met at the Rodeo and see if they wanted to catch up for a drink. Very kindly they invited us to stay at their house which was fab. So we arrived had a few drinks and a good old yarn before an early night. Thank you to both of you for a lovely night and a big stroke for Mac the dog!!!

Mac 1

Woke up early the next day and headed into Townsville to check out the sights. We started with Mount Stewart and drove up at a snails pace with Skippy groaning the whole way up!!! Was totally worth it though and you can see from the pictures that we got great views over the city.

Views over Townsville 1Views over Townsville 5 Views over Townsville 9Views over Townsville 10

We then headed down to the Esplanade and wandered around the beach and the city. There were some interesting signs on the beach which made the idea of swimming less appealing!!!
Townsville BeachStinger Sign1Stinger pic

We then drove up to Castle hill where again it was fab view over the bay and out to Magnetic Island.

Castle Hill, TownsvilleViews from Castle Hill 3 Views from Castle Hill 7

From there we headed further South and towards Airlee Beach (The Whitsundays). On the way we popped into Bowen, where Nicole Kidman is filming her latest film but apart from blocked off streets, we didn’t get to see much!!! Oh there was a big mango though?!!!

Bowen Mango

Arrived in Airlee beach and got set up at the campsite. By this time we thought we were pretty sorted and that our tent set up was pretty impressive what do you think???

The Tent Set UpTent 2

We hadn’t acounted for the rain which started several minutes later. Needless to say set up was then shit as everything was wet. We loved camping that night. Anyway woke up wet and cold and phoned Jim who we had met in Ko Tao and who lived locally. Within minutes he had phoned back and asked us over. So we went round the corner and met him and his dad and had a few beers. He said that his dad was leaving the next day and that we were welcome to stay there. We decided that if the rain continued that would be a great idea. That night the rain continued and we wimped out and went to the pub for dinner and a few drinks with Jim. The tent and all around got swarmed by evill green ants and we decided to definelty leave the next day!!

Evil Ants 2

The next morning we rocked up at Jim’s begging for a bed which he kindly obliged us with and we were warm and dry again!!! Jim’s house was lovely and so was his dog Ebony!!!

Ebony 2JIm's Gaff 2Airlie Beach2Ebony concentrating

So we eneded up staying in Airlee beach for alittle over a week as our host Jim was so kind and let us stay with him. While we were there we visited the Conway falls and beach,

Conway falls2Conway Beach 1Conway Beach 3

watched some beautiful sunsets over the harbour,

Airlee Beach 4

and we went to the races at Home Hill, where we saw some fascinating sights and lost every race!!!! Even the horse named Hairy lost!!!
Our HorseAl and Jim Home Hill Races

Home Hill Races 4So Pretty!!!Crack 2 The Carnage after the races

Needless to say was a messy affair!!

Also we went out on a Boat to the Islands and did some diving which was fab though a little chilly and merky. But as you can see the views were stunning!!!

Whitehaven Beach9Whitehaven Beach4Whitsunday Island7Whitehaven Beach11

After that we spent a few more days chilling around the laggoon when it wasn’t raining and generally relaxing!!

Airlie Beach Lagoon1 Airlie Beach2

So after just week or so of relaxing we thought we best hit the road again. Also although it was warm we had had rain every day since we had arrived and hoped to head south away from the rain.

So it was on the road again southwards bound and the next blog will be soon. I promise. A big thanks to Jim for putting up with us in the Whitsundays and hope to catch up with you for some beer and smokos soon mate!!!

18 Responses to “From Cairns to the WetSundays!”

Keri Graham said:

Helloooooooo! Well its only been 6 months since my last email, what do you expect?! Oh my goodness your trip looks AMAZING!! I’m soo jealous, and reminising big style. Good on ya for camping, I think I managed to get Phil to camp one night when we were away and that was it, so well done you two hardened travellers.

Posted on June 19th, 2007.

Hairy said:

Never lost a race yet - don’t believe you’s!! If it was Limbo or rolly polly’s you could have bet your last dollar on the hairy one!! Love from disgruntled Hairy x x

Posted on June 20th, 2007.

Bob & Ace said:

Kindest regards to Mac and ebony .
What they do to get deported?
We are off to the sea side next wek

Posted on June 21st, 2007.

Jim said:

gday groovers cheers had a great time with ya too . where u at now? got a new gasget 4 tha outboard Al ! should b able to wakeboard soon mate !

Posted on June 21st, 2007.

Al said:

yip, i guess it was possible for us to get lazier, and not as Kev and Kenz suggested about being “Wolf Creeked” downunder. Back now in Cairns after making it all the way to Sydney. Weather was completly shit so we headed back to where we started and are now back in sunny Cairns (took the outback route through Canberra, Bourke and up to Karumba).

Keri - Thanks for the hardened traveller comment, however if money was no option we’d be touring via Four Seasons hotels rather than using that fu*&en 2 man tent…!

Disgruntled Hairy - Your namesake horse appeared to have been drinking before the race, proceeding to crash into another horse on the way round, finally on the winning straight it was a length ahead but decided to fall and break a leg, hmmm…

Bob and Ace - Deported?? explain please. Now we are back in Palm Cove, Tess has had a hair cut and looks 5 years younger - all ready for Mr Glen.

Jim - Just the small matter of putting her back together! Thanks mate had a great time down there - catch up with you again - always room for yer swag with us!!

Posted on June 25th, 2007.

Max, Ally and Logan said:

Hellooo, ya lucky buggers!

We’re totally jealous back here of the fantastic time you guys are having.
Typical bloody Scotland, it has a few scorchers but mainly its just dreary and wet :(

Ill send ya through some pics of the wee man so that some surfer chicks show an interest in you again Al :p

Take car guys, laters

Posted on June 29th, 2007.

Graham & Linda Jones said:

Hi guys. You seem to be having fun except for the weather. It is unusually bloody cold at the moment for all of north Queensland. We’ve even had the heater on. NOT BLOODY GOOD!!!! Let’s hope things get a bit warmer hey…? Mac also says : “Hi to Bob & Ace hope you enjoyed your time at the seaside. I just had a bath today. Feeling pretty spiffy. Also got a HUUUUGE bone afterwards. It doesn’t get much better. Oh it’s a dog’s life hey?

Posted on July 21st, 2007.

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