Camp Hartley

So we arrived back in Palm Cove on a sunny afternoon at about 4. Marty was off playing golf so we snuck up to Steve’s room and surprised him. He couldn’t believe we were back and after a brief catch up we went down and grabbed Tess to take her off for  a walk. We barely recognised her as she had been sheared!!

Posing Tess  

Also Barbara who owned the beauticians had moved ot so the shop at the front was vacant. How things change in a few weeks!After a walk we went over to the pub to await the return of the old guy. After several pitchers we saw him arrive back and Steve thought it would be a good idea for us to hide in his room. So Marty came in on the pretence of fixing Steve’s bathroom to find us drunken skunks jumping out of the shower. He seemed pleased to see us but I think he was half cut also. So we all headed back to the pub for a few more shandy’s and a good chat. Got settled into our room again and passed out.

Over the next 2 weeks we mainly spent time sorting out Skippy and the camp stuff to sell. Managed to flog the camp gear to one of Marty’s friend’s sons

Our Tent Setup  

and advertised the car in the paper and the second viewer bought him. So we were lucks in getting the same for the car as what we had paid.

Skippy changing owners Skippy's last photos3 Skippy's last photos1

Leigh, Marty’s son moved in while we were there so spent many an evening drinking and chatting with the Hartley’s.

Marty's palace 

They had just bought a boat so we went out for a day with the boys on the boat wake boarding and fishing and enjoying the heat.

The Hartley boat trip22 The Hartley boat trip17 The Hartley boat trip15 The Hartley boat trip2

Towards the end of our time there a couple of English girls, Jo and Kate moved into the shop as all the rooms were full and they found work in local restaurants. One Friday night, Kate, Marty, Leigh, Al and I went to go and see a band play called the Chemists. Marty had heard from a friend they were playing and he new the lead guitarists dad so off we went. Pulled into the Brothers’ league club and Marty purchased the tickets for us.  I couldn’t see a sign saying who was playing but went along with it. We went up to the room where they were suppose to be playing and realised it was all seating so found our chairs and took a seat. At this point Kate and I realised it was all women in the crowd and the 3 men were the only males. At this point we became suss. Next thing you know one of the girls came up to us and said you do realise this is a male strip show?? The “Sydney Hotshots”!! Some how we had managed to get in and sit down without realising. Well I have never seen 3 men get up so quick and run out of a room in my life. Kate and I were gutted that we missed the show but the amusement was priceless. So phoned around and found out the band were actually playing in another venue and managed to get refunds (with much hilarity) and headed off. The band were heavy metal head bangers and Kate and I wished we ha stayed with the hotshots!! Anyway was a great night and made for a great tale!

So the week flew past and we enjoyed the time roasting on the beach and hanging about. Leigh’s kids, Georgia and Braydon, joined us at the end of the week so we had them to amuse us also.

Me, her, Braden and Georgia Sarah and Georgia2

So with flights booked down to Melbourne, the car sold and a few leaving nights (one of turkey)

Leighs turkey creation Al and Steve

with no further a do our time in Cairns was over (again). So an early start and Marty drove us off to the airport and even Leigh and Steve got up to wave us off (probably checking we were leaving).  So it was back on board a plane and southward bounds, destination Melbourne.

Once again we had a great time in Palm Cove and lads I don’t think you’ve seen the back of us. We will be back!!

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Mr Glen said:

Wow Tess looking even more babalious now with her foxy new hair do. My mum is making me have my summer haircut tommorrow so I’ll be a right “spunk” then Tessy babe. Yes summer has finally arrived in Sunny Surrey and we’ve had nearly a week without rain.
Big kisses to you both.Only 7 weeks till I can give you them for real, but in dog time thats nearly a year if that makes you feel less depressed about returning to Blighty.xxx

Posted on August 2nd, 2007.

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