Ever seen a fat man fly?

So after meeting those Irish lads in Christchurch who had mentioned that they had done the highest bungy in the world, a seed was planted, or rather one of those very typical Irish curses. The conversation went something like (after watching him jump on his DVD):

paddy: Aye, what a rush, best thing we have done since leaving the emerald isle

jock: fuck that

paddy: haha, what? thought you Glasgow boys had bigger balls than that…blah…(something about my sexual persuation prior to meeting Sarah)…blah…(something about the size of cock)…blah…(was i really Scottish or actually English)…blah

jock: (backtracking) aye, ah never said i wouldn’t…

And so the challenge was layed down. We booked at the same time as the shotover jet, for the day after the jet, Sarah reckoning there might be an adrenaline overdose that day. With the cancelling of the Shotover due to ice it loomed large on the horizon. Obviously went our for a couple of scoops that night to ease the nerves, however perhaps a few too many, and awoke with a stinking hangover after having some crazy rope snapping dreams. We trooped of to catch the bus and caught up with the twenty others who were jumping. Lots of laughter and highly animated people who were displaying what pose they would strike off the platform.

As the bus pulled up overlooking the Nevis site an hour or so later it was a completely different story. The condemned marched off to the weighing station and chatter was a t a minimum. Unfortunately the jump order is defined by weight, heaviest first. Fortunatly there was another portly chap who pipped me by 1kg (101kg) and so his was the honour of going first. So five of us got in to the little shuttle pod and were transported over to the bungee pod. Sarah turned out to not be much help as she was holding on tight to my arm repating “oh my God, oh my God, i cant look”

The fattest man went without even a moment hesitation, then it was my go. I made an effort not to look like a rabbit caught in the headlights but it didnt work:

Superb though, couldnt even scream till i got to the bottom

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dooch said:

Can you believe it?! The guys at the bungie were nice enough to fly in some extra strong chord to faciliatate your dream. The same chord is used to catapult huge containers of rubbish from the US into Canada. So pretty apt.

Posted on August 18th, 2007.

BillyRayValentine said:


U see the fucking winch smokin under the strain of haulin him back up?

It was sendin smoke signals for help…!

Injuns came clattering over the hill 5 minutes later… Flingin arraw’s all over the shop.


Posted on August 18th, 2007.

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