Bula Fiji!

So from NZ we had a brief 3 hour flight to Nadi, Fiji. Arrived in the afternoon and as per usual hadn’t booked anywhere so let the taxi driver recommend somewhere. Drove in to Nadi, which was a little town a bit like Sri Lanka, but as it was Sunday everything was shut so we headed to Nadi Bay to the Travellers Inn, Fiji. Checked in to our pretty shabby hotel and went and sat out the front to watch sunset. After a shower noticed it was “Happy hour” so we sat and had a few beers and a bight of dinner then it was off to bed. The F***ers in the room next door came in at about 3 am and continued to play loud music till 6am so not the best night’s sleep. As we were knackered we decided to spend another day there before heading off to an Island. After much deliberation and suprise as to how expensive everything was we booked 5 days on Robinson Crusoe Island, which seemed to work out cheapest! 

Spent a lazy day sat around reading and sunbathing then the heavens opened and we had to retreat undercover. Within minutes the streets were covered with water and all the beach dogs were soaked.

Road or river Wet dog Refill pool Fiji style

The rain persisted for a couple of hours but by dinner had cleared up. A relaxing evening then it was off to bed for an early start.

Sunset at Travellers beach1 

After brekkie the bus came to pick us up and along with four others we were off. Bus journey lasted about an hour and we were dropped at the jetty to get the boat. Met more people at the jetty and boarded our little boat along the river to our island. The boat was full of youngsters (us oldies) and we started to dread that the island was going to be a bit 18-30s style and wondered if we’d done the right thing! Got chatting with 2 French girls, Lydia and Caroline, who had a french cockney accent and decided we’d be alright.

Welcome to RCI  En route to RCI3

Got checked in to our Bure Levu, (hut complete with used condom outside) and again thought what have we done.

Our Bure Levu Inside Our Bure Levu

Also realised the communal loos were not the best and the showers were cold water buckets!

The Shower  

Went straight to lunch, which was served canteen style, but was remarkably tasty and were then entertained by the islanders who performed some Polynesian dancing and knife throwing. Al was not impressed.

Jo knife swingin4 

The island seemed packed but by 4 ish lots of people left and they had just been out on day trip. All food was included but not drink and boy did they charge for it. Spent the afternoon reading and walked around the island, which wasn’t the idealic white beaches and turqoise seas that the brochure had promised but it had been raining recently.

Had dinner which was remarkably good and a few drinks at happy hour (as you got $1 off). There were a load of young yanks on the island (rich kids camp America) and it was one of their birthdays so this ridiculous chicken noodle soup music came on and they all danced around so we went off to bed!

The next day it rained all day so we were not happy and the whole island seemed to have cabin fever! The guys were trying hard to entertain people with coconut jewellery making but Al again was not impressed.

We spent the next few day chilling in the sun and reading and eating when it was time! The weather got better and we made friends with the French girls which was cool and things improved.

Went out diving one day which was fantastic. We saw beautiful coral and fishes and some baracuda and sharks. Made friends with one of the dive guys, Glynn from Brighton (now lives in NZ and was visiting his dive friends).

Got entertained by the guys at night with more Polynesian dancing and fire juggling!!By the end of the week I think we could all sing all the songs to the dances and were haunted daily by the music! Al remained unimpressed!!!

Evening Entertainment22 Evening Entertainment15 Evening Entertainment16 Evening Entertainment10 Evening Entertainment7 

The Islanders always provided some entertainement and one day it was “Survival games”, but we declined!

Island Olymipcs4 Island Olymipcs1

The Bar and dining area were the main hang out places and Glynn, Lydia, Caroline and us all got smashed one night which was great fun, although expensive!!Whiled away the days and ended up really liking the place and I made friend with the dive shop who had a kettle which made showers much more bareable (always good to befriend people with hot water!)

The Bar Dining Area  

On our last day we woke up and the island had transformed over night, the beach was gorgeous and the sea fantastic, had to be the day we were leaving!!! Anyway we had a good time and were a wee bit sad to be leaving but looking forward to more sun in Hawaii!

Floating boats2 What Happened in Paradise

The guys all dressed up and sang us away, which was very sweet,Cannibals Bula

and everyone waved us off!!

 The RCI Send Off

Left the island and headed back to Nadi for the afternoon before flying out that night. Had a nice relaxing afternoon sitting on the beach reading then after a quick shower we were off!

Final Views of RCI Bye RCI

Headed off on the longest flight to date, 7 hours to the tropical island of Oahu where the next blog will commence! Over and out for now!

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Andy W said:

Am surprised you didn’t enjoy the spear juggling, and by the photo it looks like you were both chased off the island rather than waved! Can’t believe it’s not long to go!!

Posted on August 25th, 2007.

Bob & Ace said:

minging bitch but the guy in red skirt seems interesting.
Sea looks great.

Posted on August 25th, 2007.

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