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The Last Bit!

After leaving Anne in Toronto we caught the Greyhound to Buffalo, where we were picking up a hire car. Caught another bus to the aiport to get the car and went through some of the dodgeist parts of Buffalo and feared for life, however we arrived safely at our destination and picked up the little lemon.
Drove […]


The Reids Do Canada!

After a quick flight up to Vancouver we boarded the taxi to meet Cam & Val in the apartment that would be home for the next week in downtown Vancouver. Arrived fairly late on and Cam & Val had already been there for a while, but were Knackered from their flight over the day before. […]


Anne’s American Adventure!

The night after the concert, Anne was arriving so we checked out of the hostel and back into the hotel, hoping no one would recognise us from our previous visit, needless to say they did. Sat around by the pool for that afternoon chatting with a couple who kept trying to get us to drink […]


Iain Arrives!

So there we are sat in the pub, few beers down and in walks Mr McKenzie and his lovely sister Jane.
After a few hugs and general slaggings about lack of weight loss etc, we began to celebrate Iain’s birthday in style. After a few drinks Jane had to head back to the ranch, but we […]


San Fransisco to San Diego

So after our fabulous time in LA we headed off to San Fran. Only took about 5 hours to get there and the drive was pretty scenic. Stopped several times en route and phoned about 20 places looking for somewhere to stay to no avail. So decided we would try a small town just outside called […]


Down & Out in Beverly Hills!

So when we left you last, we were recalling our time in Hawaii and had just boarded the plane to LAX. As mentioned, the flight was not too bad and we arrived safely into LAX at  about 21:00. The plan was to go and hire a car and drive straight up to San Franscisco and […]