Down & Out in Beverly Hills!

So when we left you last, we were recalling our time in Hawaii and had just boarded the plane to LAX. As mentioned, the flight was not too bad and we arrived safely into LAX at  about 21:00. The plan was to go and hire a car and drive straight up to San Franscisco and commence out touring there. Stood and waited for the bags at the carousel for about an hour and then eventually they started to come through. Stood and waited another hour and realised that ours were not there. Started to reget letting the lady in Hawaii check them the whole way through. At the time she hadn’t looked like she knew what she was doing, but she had assured us that she did. LIAR.

So we went up to the American Airlines office where there was a huge queue of other irate passengers sans bags. There was also a cordoned off area with about 200 homeless bags all crying ou to be claimed. Unfortunately not ours though. At this point we began to guess that bag loss here was a regular occurance. Had to wait another half hour or so and when we reached the front of the queue were told that another flight was coming in from Hawaii in half an hour and the bags should be on board. So we waited, watched all the bags go round and round and again no bags. At this point tired and annoyed. Went back to the office where we told not to worry the bags would be there in the morning. So as per usual being organised, we hadn’t booked a hostel and it was now 1am. Phoned around everywhere and all were full, including hotels. Eventually got through to a partner of the Hilton, The Hampton Inn, who had vacancy but it was about $120 a night. Weren’t going to sleep at the airport so that would have to do. Great sleep despite the hassle and the bed was so cosy. Awoke to our free breakfast and headed back to the aiport. Still no bags. We were assured they would arrive later that day.

Bloody Airport 

Went off to the hire car place and got fleeced for hiring a car ($500 one week) and decided to head off to Santa Monica and Venice beaches in search of accomodation. Drove round for about 4 hours trying hundreds of hotels and hostels to no avial. All full.

Bag induced Rage LA  SantaMonica Beach front

Finally phoned a place in Hollywood which had vacancies if we could get there in 1/2 hour. So high tailed it up Santa Monica boulevard, through Beverly Hills to the Walk of fame, stumbling across possibly the worst drivers and poseurs ever and a huge traffic jam. Our hostel was just off Hollywood Boulevard and when we arrived (2 hours later) we were informed that they had just given away our room. I practically flippped and all of a sudden she said they had a spare room. Excellent. At this point there was still no news on the bags and we were still wearing the same clothes that we had left Hawaii in 36 hours ago. Stinky! So I phoned the airline again and they said we could have $75 each to buy essentials. So we headed off to Gap and bought some new underwear and t shirts and off to the drug store to buy toothpase etc.

After a shower and a change we both fancied a beer, so we headed down onto Hollywood Boulevard to quench our thirst. Hooters was the first bar we could see so decided to go in and see what it was all about. Lots of Barbie Dolls in tiny tops and tiny shorts (boys you would have loved it), however when we were still waiting 10 minutes later for a beer, no amount of T & A was going to please Al. So we stormed out, found a bottle shop and took beer back to the hostel. After a few sips of the amber nectar our mood lightened and we spent an hour bitching about the incompetece of American airlines, the shithole that was LA, the heat, the smog, the poseurs, the drivers, the car hire company and the severe lack of accomodation and beer. Ah how we love a good bitch. A couple  more beers and we didn’t mind as much but then 2 girls came and joined us so we ranted again. They were both aspiring “actors” and began to chat about how fab they were, at which point Al took the hump and we retired to bed.

Awoke bright and beezy and phoned the aiport again, still no bags. Not happy. American airlines were not overly helpful on the phone!

On Hold  

Phoned later in the morning and were assured they were now there, so we drove back to the airport via Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive for a quick sight seeing tour. Very Expensive.

Beverly Hills baby Baby  Rachel's Mecca RD

Waited in line again and were told the bags weren’t there again. Eventually someone appeared with the bags and all seemed well. We then tried to claim for our expenses and were told that no we were only allowed $25. Much ranting and raging and 3 supervisors later were basically told the same thing and they could produce written transactions of all our phone calls apart from the one where we were told we could have the money. So left eventually with one cheque for $75 and our bags. Returned to the parking lot and Al had suddenly lost the car park ticket. After a mad hunt round the car, still no ticket so we then had to apy $30 for an hours parking, because of the lost ticket. Could the day get any better?

Consoled ourselves with a Burger King then went to Venice beach for the afternoon where I watched all the Baywatch style lifeguards rescue a girl with a bloody nose and Al watched his eyelids!

Sarah does Baywatch Baywatch Beach1  Reinforcements Venice Sunset

Some poseurs but not everyone was like Pam A so that was good but even the gulls were on steroids!

Gull 3 

After a stroll around the front strip and muscle beach we headed back to the hostel for beer and an early night before we leave for San Fran tomorrow (finally). Checked bags to realise that the snow globe I had bought for Rachel was missing adn our first aid kit. Bloody American Airlines. Sat and drank our beers and met a couple who had been on Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji with us (we didn’t recognise them but they seemed to know us). Early night and off to bed.  

Awoke the next morning and packed and headed off towards San Fran via the Hollywood sign. Drove aorund Bell Air (Scientology Centre) and found a good viewing spot, got some snaps and then some brekkie and headed off.

Hollywood Sign3 Hollywood Sign2 Freak Show Central

So we stuck our fingers up and waved farewell to LA and all our mishaps and headed North. I think that’s enough ranting for now so I will continue our tale another day!

21 Responses to “Down & Out in Beverly Hills!”

Dooch said:

Ha ha, hee hee, glad you enjoyed L.A.
I think the snow globe was possibly removed by the U.S. Tacky Gift Police, they maybe did you a favour.

Posted on September 3rd, 2007.

Al said:

It was taking up valuable “jocks” room - so blessing in disguise…

Got those beers and kebabs sorted yet?

Posted on September 3rd, 2007.

Ray said:

I’ll have you know my snow shakers are antiques of the future. Your’ll all be sooo jealous in 20 years time when I take by collection (over 40 of them from around the world) on the antiques roadshow and they are valued at £100.000 each. Ha ha ha
Only 10 days till you touch down in Blighty……

Posted on September 13th, 2007.

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