San Fransisco to San Diego

So after our fabulous time in LA we headed off to San Fran. Only took about 5 hours to get there and the drive was pretty scenic. Stopped several times en route and phoned about 20 places looking for somewhere to stay to no avail. So decided we would try a small town just outside called Palo Alto, home to Stanford Uni (quite impressive).

Stanford entrance Stanford Main campus

Drove round the beautiful quaint little place and finally found a hotel, which was pretty reasonably priced and gorgeous. Settled in to our room then decided to go out for a drink. Ended up in  a pub where we met a load of locals who re-introduced us to the evil Jager and drunkeness.

So our well laid plans to get up early and catch the train into San Fran went to pot when we awoke with sore heads at 10 ish. Instead we decided to drive in via Burger King. Just as we were approaching SF, Al noticed a sign for the Bay Bridge and thinkig there could only be one big bridge decided we shouold go that way. After crossing a huge 10 mile bridge that was not the Golden Gate Bridge we were suddenly lost on the other side of Frisco. Finally found a garage and a map and managed to correct our detour via another bridge which took us back practically to where we started that morning. Anyway with map in tow and me on navigation, we soon arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge. We got lots of pickies driving over it,

The Golden Gate Bridge1 The Golden Gate Bridge2  

from above it

Us and the bridge1 View of San Francisco

and we then parked up at Fisherman’s Wharf where we caught  boat and went under it.

Under the bridge 

We also got to float around the infamous Alcatraz, but it was too late in the day to go onto it, which I was grateful of as it looked a scarey place.

Approaching Alcatraz Alcatraz2 Alcatraz3

Once we were saturated with the sights of SF (including tram spotting),

Downtown Frisco2  

we headed back to Palo Alto for a bite of dinner and an early night. Awoke early the next day and setted off towards San Diego in preperation of meeting Mr McKenzie. We decided to take the 1 all the way down the coast line of California, past the Big Sur and through Santa Cruz and Santa Barbabra, instead of the Freeway. The journey was supposed to take about 8 hours, but as we got stuck behing every slow ass in the world, from caravaners to canoers, it took best part of 12. However the scenery was just beautiful with turqoise blue waters and stunning white sandy beaches extending to mountainous back drops.

DSC02223 DSC02220 DSC02216 DSC02197

DSC02238  DSC02199

We even saw some elephant sea lions bronzing themselves on the beach which were huge (no comments on similarities please!) 


We eventually arrrived a little weary into SD, checked in and found an Irish boozer where we soon forgot about the monotony of driving.

The next day we got up and headed for Ocean Beach (OB as the locals call it) and relaxed in the sunshine. After a day of relaxation we headed back to the hotel and changed and went to dinner. At this point we had finally heard as to when Iain was arriving from Jane (Iain’s sis), as AL hadn’t kept a track of times/days etc (say no more). So he was due at 10 ish that evening, which was also his birthday, so plans were laid to meet in the Irish Boozer and welcome him in style, but that’s another tale!

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Ray said:

Last night in the US of A just think tommorrow night your’ll be heading of to JFK and getting ready to flap your wings all the way home..
Hope you enjoy your last night and I’ll see you Sunday morning.

Posted on September 21st, 2007.

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