Iain Arrives!

So there we are sat in the pub, few beers down and in walks Mr McKenzie and his lovely sister Jane.


After a few hugs and general slaggings about lack of weight loss etc, we began to celebrate Iain’s birthday in style. After a few drinks Jane had to head back to the ranch, but we continued. After many shots of Jager and drinking an hour or so longer than the bar was supposed to be open, we ambled back to the hotel. Apparently, (I say that as I have little recollection of the events), Al and Iain started dummy fighting and throwing stuff about. After a phone cal from front desk to tel us to shut up we all passed out. We awoke to  find Iain gone, after leaving to babysit his niece, Sophie early doors and sore heads. Al also had a sore rib, which he thinks Iain cracked with a lobbed phone book!

We had the trauma of having to move to cheaper digs that day and headed off to our hostel and checked in. Much to our delight there was a lounge with a huge TV so we sat watching Snatch and Lock Stock for the afternoon, untill Iain arrived later that day. It was straight back onto the beers and pizza, but a relatively easy night.

Won’t go into details of what we did everyday, but here are some of the highlights…

Frequented the beach on many occcasions,

DSC02241 DSC02245

Had a lovely BBq at Jane & Ryan’s


which ended up with drinks and silly faces,

DSC02281 DSC02282 DSC02283 

Went over to Coronado to watch Ryan’s Scorpions change of guard ceremony, and got to hang out with the “Top Guns”.

DSC02277 DSC02278 DSC02272 DSC02276

DSC02266 DSC02270

DSC02262 DSC02260

Went out drinking on several occasions with Iain, Jane and Ryan and some of their friends and went to the airport lounge where you sat in the bar, next to the airport with aeroplanes flying over head,

DSC02300 DSC02299 DSC02297 DSC02295  

We also went to see the band,Gogol Bordello, who were some mad Gypsy punk band,  who Iain had been listening too, but unfortunatley no cameras aloud so no pics! The evening was however mad! Generally we had a great time. So thanks again to Jane and Ryan for looking after us and keeping us out of trouble and it was lovely to meet baby Sophie. Look forward to seeing you in Glasgow Jane! So the next adventure involved the arrival of Al’s mum Anne to San Diego.

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