Anne’s American Adventure!

The night after the concert, Anne was arriving so we checked out of the hostel and back into the hotel, hoping no one would recognise us from our previous visit, needless to say they did. Sat around by the pool for that afternoon chatting with a couple who kept trying to get us to drink beer but we refrained awaiting the arrival of Anne.

Found Anne at the airport, who was well and not too exhausted after her trip so we caught up on all the gossip back at the hotel over a couple of drinks. The next day we hadn’t really planned anything as we thought Anne maybe tired, but as per usual she was up with the larks so we went off into town.  

Unfortunatey we forgot to take our camera down town so no pickies - but Anne took hers so we’ll maybe add some photos at a later stage! Went into town and walked around the Gaslamp region and then headed down to the waterfront. There we strolled about and went on board the USS Midway and looked at the planes and guns. From there we headed out to Coronado again and looked at the Hotel Coronado, where they shot the film “Some like it Hot”. Then had lunch and headed back for an afternoon by the pool.

Went over to Jane’s that night and had some wine and cheese and bickies thenheaded out for tea. Said our farewells to Jane and Iain and that was our last day in SD.

We left San Diego early and headed off to the Grand Canyon. On the way we went throught he most extreme weather conditions, from 120 degree heat at Needles (route 66) to thunder and lightening storms!

DSC02310  DSC02317

We arrived just before sunset and went straight to one of the look outs to check out the view which was tear jerking!

DSC02331 DSC02325

The next morning we got up had brekkie and headed off to see the Canyon again. It was amazing and looked even more beautiful in the daylight! Lots of pickies but doesn’t really do it justice!

DSC02370 DSC02366 DSC02361 DSC02352

Then it was off to the airport for our helicopter ride! I got to sit in front as I was the smallest so had a fab view over the great hole!

DSC02446 DSC02440


DSC02382 DSC02385

DSC02387 DSC02392

DSC02430 DSC02427

DSC02411 DSC02400

We then headed off to Vegas for the night, via the Hoover Dam.

DSC02474 DSC02467

Arrived in Vegas at about 5 ish and was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer scale of it and the extravagance, there were casinos everywhere and even drive through wedding chapels! Headed off to our hotel and got checked in then ready to go out on the town!

DSC02487 DSC02486

DSC02494 DSC02497DSC02566

We were staying in the Tropicana, next to the MGM Grand (and half the price!). Vegas totally changed by night and changed from a tacky overbuilt strip to lights, music and bustle (still a wee bit tacky though!). After dinner and a few drinks in our gaff we headed up the strip to the Belagio (no Brad or Clooney in sight- doh).

DSC02532 DSC02530

Outside the Belagio were the dancing fountains which were fab. They were currently dancing to “All that Jazz” and were beyond all our expectations.

DSC02522 DSC02525

DSC02513 DSC02503

After a couple of drinks in the Belagio and Anne trying her hand at Bar top Black jack and winning $25, we headed back to our place, where Anne once again began betting!


Some of us came out luckier than others!!

DSC02542 DSC02540

The next morning it was up and out into the 100 degree heat again and checked out the hotel. We headed down to the “Stratosphere” tower, which we climbed to the top. On the way up there were notices for amusement rides on the top and Anne fancied riding the “Big Shot”. I wasn’t sure if she knew exactly what it was but said by no means that I would not do it. Views from the top were amazing.

DSC02550 DSC02545

So on top of the 120 floor building there was the “Big Shot”, which was a seated catapault that propelled you up at great speeds to about another 100 foot above the tower. So off Anne and Al went and they both pulled the 4G to the top. I was happy to watch from the ground!

DSC02556 DSC02557

Anne seemed happy to have done it and after that excitement we went to the revolving tower at the top for lunch. Hadn’t realised it was revolving at first and felt a little queezy but after swapping seats with Al we soon figured it out! Lovely lunch and fab dessert!

DSC02563 DSC02562

From there we headed off to the airport, returned the hire car and took off Vancouver bound to meet Cameron and Valerie (Al’s big bro and wife)!

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