The Last Bit!

After leaving Anne in Toronto we caught the Greyhound to Buffalo, where we were picking up a hire car. Caught another bus to the aiport to get the car and went through some of the dodgeist parts of Buffalo and feared for life, however we arrived safely at our destination and picked up the little lemon.


Drove down towards DC and had a brief stop over in Pittburgh for the night. Arrived in DC in the afternoon and after a quick drive by of all the tourist attractions began the hunt for accomodation. After several hours driving round we decided to stay a little further out and ended up in Cheverely (a tube ride away from downtown DC). The next day we trained into DC and toured around the Nation’s capital. Unfortunately we chose the day when there was a huge antiwar demonstration on so some of the pictures were marred by the hippies!

DSC02749 DSC02755 DSC02760 DSC02762

DSC02764 DSC02766

DSC02777 DSC02778 DSC02781 DSC02787

DSC02738 DSC02743 DSC02747

DSC02801 DSC02798  DSC02817


After our brief stay in Washlington we headed off again this time heading to the old haunts of NY and the Hamptons. Had aa nightmare journey there with unbelievable traffic over the George Washington bridge but finally arrived in Southampton in the dark to our little motel.


Awoke in familiar surroundings and drove round re-aquainting our selves with a very familiar place. Spent 4 days in the Hamptons, which consisted of catching up with Jim & Jen and their new daughter, Alexis and dog Punky Brewster, catching up with Jager and Mike in Barristers, meeting Shak and Martin in Le Chef who were still there along with Frank the owner and a load of the chefs. We also spent time on the beach and shopping at the malls.  

DSC02854 DSC02853 DSC02857 

DSC02864 DSC02849 DSC02848

DSC02858 DSC02859 DSC02860

After that we had one day in manhatten wher we toured around and went back to the dinner where al had proposed!

DSC02874 DSC02867 DSC02872


Then it was off to the aiport - London bound. A meer 6 hour flight and we were looking down on the streets of London, England, home.

DSC02887 DSC02882

An emotional reunion with the Blakeys at the airport and that was us back trip over! Its amazing how fast it’s all gone and I can’t believe we were away a year. Anyway back to reality and finding jobs and can’t wait to catch up with everyone. See you all soon.

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Fraser said:

About time! A drop in clinic starts in 20 minutes if you are interested. Sandra is popping over to Greggs for cakes and I have the coffee on…nothing really changes….it’s like you just stepped out to use the loo rather than been away for a year!

Posted on October 1st, 2007.

Alex D said:

Welcome back !

Al, now you’re back can you please finish off the MSC job! We’re still going, and probably will be for a while yet.

Good to hear everything went generally according to plan and I’ve been envious of the whole thing.

Anyway, see you at Warton next week for a video noise RFT !

Posted on November 2nd, 2007.

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