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Bye Bye Glasgow

 So amongst a small puddle of tears we have said our farewells to sunny Glasvegas. The house is no longer ours and is in the hands of another (boo hoo). 

I am now down at my mum and dads, who have a new puppy Ace

and Al is  on a come down from a weekend in Munich […]


Steins and Fraulines

The smoke clears after another glorious raid into foreign climes under the guise of a stag do. This time the venue was Munich, the occasion was Oktoberfest and the lucky soon-to-be ex batchelour was big brian.
We rolled up on the Friday Afternoon to find out that even the organisational guru, Robbie, is not infallible. The […]


The Ringer

Well this is, i suppose, the begining of this blog. Its not quite finished yet and requires a little tweaking. There should be a page it for the wedding (fur the grannies!) and another with our itinerary (in case anyone is in that part of the world and fancies meeting for a beer or whatever the local firewater […]


Yeehaa, I’m a dole monkey…again!

 It finally arrived, the last day of employment for a year…

And to celebrate the remnants of the Rochester crowd went out to the aptly named Flaming Henrys steakhouse. A piece of meat was found, Flaming Henrys 32 ounce Rump Steak, and the challenge was layed to the contenders.

In the East Corner: The well rounded figure of Edinburger Tony […]