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The Damned Yangzi !!!

Our next adventure was a boat trip along the Yangzi river. Sorrowly left Chengdu at some ungodly hour (07:00 am!!) where we were piled into a mini bus full of Chinese and shat ourselves that we had to spend the next four hours crammed in like Sardines. Fortunately were transferred onto a bigger bus at […]


A Travellers Guide To China

So our time in the mighty country of China is drawing to a close and after now spending around 5 weeks here, we have picked up a few handy tips and things for people who are thinking of coming here to consider. Here are our top ten likes and dislikes about this place…
1- Food - […]



So we left the bright lights and madness of Hong Kong and headed off to Chengdu - decided to go for the easy option and took the plane rather than an eternity on the train. So all went fairly hassle free and headed off to Hong Kong port where we left in luxury on the […]


Hong Kong and Its Miller Time…

We wave goodbye to Shanghai with one hand and release the other hand covering our noses at the same time. What a superb city - however the reek of raw sewage mixed with spicy noodles was becoming overwhelming (waiting for a comment on this, eh?). Begining to get used to travelling onto somewhere new and […]



So next entry and here we are in Shanghai, slightly different to Beijing…. I take it by this point that everyone knows that if you click on any of our photos it takes you to the link to our “flickr” account and you can see all our photos and comment, as so many of you […]



So we arrived safely in Beijing post Trans- Siberian and the first port of call was the shower. Our hostel happened to be right opposite the train station so was pretty good just to roll in and get sorted. The hostel in a new modern building and is like a really budget hotel. Rooms are […]