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The Run To The Sun….

Our humblest apologies for the lapse in time between this and our last blog, but over the past while internet access has been so slow that loading up pictures and trying to write anything took too long - so this is well past due….Also apologies it’s long!!!!
After our Everest antics, we were both totally knackered […]


On Top of The World - Everest!!!

So to all of you who thought we couldn’t do it, you need to take a big gulp and swallow your words beause WE MADE IT and are now officially unstoppable!!!!!!
Both of us made the grulling 14 day round trip journey to Base Camp of Everest and now a little thinner (not much), tireder, colder and wiser […]


We’re Back!!!!

Well we’re back in Kathmandu after our trek, dog tired and definetly a little bit thinner from what was probably the hardest two weeks of our lives and certainly one of the most rewarding.
After 14 days in sub zero temperatures along with mild symptoms of AMS due to the altitude we managed to reach Everest Base […]