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The Mad Dash Through NZ.

So after Al did his bungy thing we had some lunch then set off on our merry way. Left Queenstown and drove for what seemed like ages along windy roads that were partly covered in snow or ice, so driving was a little precarious. Manged to make it to the West Coast just before sunset […]


Ever seen a fat man fly?

So after meeting those Irish lads in Christchurch who had mentioned that they had done the highest bungy in the world, a seed was planted, or rather one of those very typical Irish curses. The conversation went something like (after watching him jump on his DVD):
paddy: Aye, what a rush, best thing we have done […]


Two Nights in Jail, NZ

Hello again, thought that title may get your attention! Let me start again by apologising for the delay in keeping up to date with theblog. We have just been on a remote island in Fiji so there was no internet and we are now in Hawaii, so too much sun for internetting!!! But anyway back […]