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Koh Tao …We Dive !!!!!

So after a hectic few weeks entertaining, we were ready to move on again. During our stay in Bangkok we didn’t achieve much apart from we purchased a new camera so we could continue to add to our vast collection of photos and updated the blog.
We had initially decided to go North to Chaing Mai, […]


The Dooch Does Thailand!!!

So Kevin arrives!!! After a sneakey couple of hours sleep, we were rudely awoken by a text from Kevin, saying he was in reception. Seconds later he was barging into our room and blessing us with his sarcastic banter (ah how nothing changes!!!). So after a quick freshen up it was up to the pool where kevin […]


Koh Samui

So on to the next tale, my God I’m whacking these out fast now!!  Amazing what a few days of soberness can do for the blog!! to see the actual dates we were there you can check our itenary page. Apologies for a lack of photos on this and the last few blogs, but our camera […]


Britain’s Finest Do Phuket !!!

So after a crazy night with the guys from Koh Chang we cleaned ourselves up and headed for the airport to meet the Pauls. Was excellent to see their pale faces stepping through immigration and we were most impressed with the back packs in situ. After a brief drive back to Khao San and a […]


2 Swedes, The Bobby Dazzler & Co Chang

We left Cambodia on February 17th (Chinese New year) and had a grueling 3 hour taxi drive along what can only be described as dirt tracks. Apparently the roads are under construction and there were the odd men digging beside the road and a few random pieces if machinery to back this up. However, the […]