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Camp Hartley

So we arrived back in Palm Cove on a sunny afternoon at about 4. Marty was off playing golf so we snuck up to Steve’s room and surprised him. He couldn’t believe we were back and after a brief catch up we went down and grabbed Tess to take her off for  a walk. We […]


It’s a long way to Kathmandu!!!!

Well what an adventure to get here, but finally we are in Nepal in the wonderful, vibrant and bussling City of Kathmandu. This entry is on what we’ve been up to for the last few days, on our epic voyage to get here.
We left Shanghai on Monday, to head off for the train to Hong […]


Back on solid ground!!

Just a brief mesage to let you all know we have survived the 6 days on a train and are now in Beijing - having a blast and promise to update the log properly tomorrow!!Love to all & speak soon - have a date with a duck tonight which alasdair is dying to devour!!!