Two Nights in Jail, NZ

Hello again, thought that title may get your attention! Let me start again by apologising for the delay in keeping up to date with theblog. We have just been on a remote island in Fiji so there was no internet and we are now in Hawaii, so too much sun for internetting!!! But anyway back […]


Melbourne and the Duff’s

So on to our next adventure and our last week in OZ. Awoke at 4 in the morning to start our trip down south again. Marty very kindly agreed to take us to the airport and Leigh and Steve got up to see us off and probably assure themselves that we were finally gone! So […]


Camp Hartley

So we arrived back in Palm Cove on a sunny afternoon at about 4. Marty was off playing golf so we snuck up to Steve’s room and surprised him. He couldn’t believe we were back and after a brief catch up we went down and grabbed Tess to take her off for  a walk. We […]


Going Bush, Down Under!

So after leaving the cold and wet of Sydney we headed West and slightly south to Canberra. We nearly got divorced en route as Al refused to get on a paytoll road and had a melt down. I explained that we had to get on said road as there was no other way and after circling […]


Airlee Beach - Sydney

So after saying our goodbyes to Jim we set off on the road again, Sydney bound. We left Airlee beach in the rain and two words to sum up the majority of the next few weeks would be wet and cold. First port of call was Rockhapmton the beef capital of Australia, but due to […]


From Cairns to the WetSundays!

Again let me start by apologising for the lack of input towards the blog recenlty. We have been mainly camping over the past few weeks and it is hard to get to the internet!!!!! I know that’s no excuse but it’s the only one we’ve got!!!!
So where did we leave off??? Oh yeah we finally […]


I thought we were heading south???

So after our dive we were supposed to have one day at Marty’;s then head South to Townsville. The night before we were leaving, all packed and ready to go the next day, one of Marty’s mates - Adrain showed up. He was going to Brisbane in the morning and staying at Marty’s as it […]


Turtles, Sharks & The Great Barrier Reef

Hello there and greetings from Airlee Beach, Whitsundays.
Before leaving Cairns we decided to go on a dive trip to check out this apparently large reef. Managed to find a pretty cheap deal ($560) for three days and two nights diving (including 11 dives, food and accomodation). So we were rudely awoken on the Friday morning […]


Chez Marty, Palm Cove, Cairns.

Well we arrived in Palm Cove after the humidity and flies of Ayres Rock and really felt like we’d landed on our feet. Since our arrival we have spent best part of 4 weeks here, partly through laziness and partly due to the bank. So the 3 days we were supposed to stay extended a […]


Choice of two, hmmm…

Not too many cars available here in Cairns - in the end we had really only a choice of two from the local auction house:

Audi A3 (96 - 03) - GBP£20,000

Engine done: K&N Induction Kit, Painted Panels, PowerFlow custom exhaust with twin pipe
Engine planned: Engine transplant, Turbo, NOS,
ICE done: Alpine DVP7996R DVD player /alpine PXA […]